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List of the Top Family Practice Physician in Austin

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Dr. Kadir is a board-certified family medicine physician who graduated from UC Berkeley with her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Ross University Medical School for her Doctorate degree before completing residency at the UCD medical school to become an experienced doctor serving patients both locally and abroad, most recently working on humanitarian projects in Ghana.
Family Medicine Practice in Austin, Texas is an integrated health care clinic that provides primary medical attention to patients of all ages. As well as routine checkups for children and adults alike- they offer family planning services with the latest contraceptive methods available today!
Texas Family Physicians at River Place has changed to a Medical Membership. I'll have one of my staff members available for you who can discuss the benefits, costs involved and what it means moving forward as well as how accepting this could affect your current insurance plan before making any decisions yourself because we want all our patients' voices heard!
Welcome to Marchand & Associates! If you're looking for modern medical care with a personal touch, then this is the place. Dr. Gregory Marchand and team have been serving patients in South Austin since 1988 - that's 28 years of experience providing high-quality service.

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Mike S. Lifshin, MD is a family practice physician in Austin and has been practicing for over 20 years! He loves his job where he sees people on an individual basis to help them reach their goals of living healthy lifestyles that suit them best while caring about the whole person--minds body & soul
Premier Family Physicians is an independent, physician-owned practice that has been serving Austin families for more than 25 years. We're committed to providing excellent patient care with a personalized approach in order to offer the best possible medical solutions available on this side of town!
Premier Family Physicians has been serving Austin families for more than 25 years. The practice is physician-owned and independent, giving providers the ability to focus on what really matters: you! They are committed to providing personal care when it comes time for your health needs.
You're probably expecting to hear that Austin Family Practice Clinic is the best family practice in town. I'll be honest with you, people around here think so too! We've got everything from preventative care for pregnant women and children through routine checkups on adults as well
Premier Family Physicians is a family-owned practice that has been serving Austin families for more than 25 years. Not only are they physician-owned, but Premier's team of board certified physicians offer you and your loved ones with the best in healthcare possible.

Austin Osteopathic Family Medicine

Service Focus
20% Manual Therapy
14% Pain Management
19% Injury Treatment
48% Prevention Advice
Service Focus
20% Manual Therapy
14% Pain Management
19% Injury Treatment
48% Prevention Advice
Our contemporary healing methods are designed to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. For over 80 years, Austin Osteopathic Family Medicine has helped families overcome chronic conditions and heal through diagnosis-based care that puts patients first in mind Austin Osteopathic Family Medicine offers the latest in healthcare to people of all ages! They are conveniently located at Schreiner Court on North Lamar Boulevard.
Red River Family Practice has been a part of the Austin medical community since 1991, each physician joining because they share our vision for providing high-quality care. As one of the largest independent healthcare providers in Austin we are not tied to any large corporation and can provide personalized service that is tailored just for you!
Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology is clinically led by Dr. Simona Scumpia (MD FACE FRCP), considered one of the frontrunners in thyroid care for Austin patients who are looking to tackle their health problems head on with a solution that will work best suited towards them
Dr. Brynna Connor completed undergraduate studies with a bachelor's degree in psychology through Austin College and pursued her ever-present interest of becoming a clinician by working for various healthcare facilities during college residency. Her desire to go to medical school intensified after the first two years at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, but she continued on as an intern until completing clinical training with Ross University near Chicago
River Hills Family Medicine in Austin, Texas is like a breath of fresh air with its old-fashioned family practice. Practicing good medicine takes time and Dr Naglieri's staff are always willing to slow down for their patients. With the pace of life accelerating at such rapid rates these days it can be hard sometimes but River Hills tries as best they can by offering flexible hours
Marchand & Associates Family Medicine Austin is a primary care practice that offers patients the most advanced medical services for their family's needs. The doctors at this clinic are specialists in all things related to wellness, which means they can handle anything from small cuts and scrapes on your feet right up through complex surgeries like C-sectomy or Whipple procedure."
Family Medicine Austin is a one-stop healthcare solution that provides innovative dermatology care, adult vaccinations and an array of other services. From annual well visits to disease prevention, the practice has something for everyone. Appointment scheduling can be done easily online or onsite lab service are also available!
We at Wiseman Family Practice believe in the power of preventative care. With an understanding that inflammation is a major contributor to many diseases today, we seek to educate our patients on how they can maintain healthy lifestyles and reduce their risk for future problems by addressing lifestyle factors such as nutrition and stress management.
The Wiseman Family Practice is a leading provider in Western Australia. We offer comprehensive general practice services with the goal of excellence through personalized care for each patient, close collaboration between providers and our community at large - all this while maintaining convenience to patients' homes or places that they may need access too when necessary by appointment only hours Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm
Hill Family Medicine has a solemn duty to care for their patients and staff. Here at Hill Family Medicine , we are doing everything in our power to keep things safe from COVID-19 so you can get treated with the utmost integrity.
Arthur Direct Care is a medical practice with an innovative, subscription-based healthcare delivery system. It offers the best of both worlds: low monthly fees and high quality care without insurance required cost escalation or restrictions on services provided by doctors - which means you get more than just your primary physician visits for less money!
Premier Family Physicians is a physician-owned practice that has been serving Austin families for more than 25 years. In addition to treating patients with other medical conditions, our doctors also provide preventative care and wellness programs in an effort make it easier on you - the patient!