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LAST UPDATED 20 Oct, 2021
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List of the Top Estate Liquidator in Austin

Blue Moon Estate Sales is a family-owned company specializing in estate sales. After decades of experience, the Blue’s saw an opportunity to make their knowledge and expertise available for others who are looking to get rid of unwanted furniture or other household items due to downsizing, moving out on own after marriage/divorce etc.

Remember When Estate Sales provides its customers with the highest quality service, tailored just for them. So if you have any questions at all about our services or anything else related to estate sales in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be more than happy to help find a solution that suits your needs best because one size does not fit all!

At DownSizing Estates, we understand the emotional and physical challenges that come with a life altering event. We strive to deliver a professional estate sale experience by focusing on service and promotion which achieves maximum sales return for our client while providing peace of mind and smooth transition.

Simplify Life Estate Sale Services provides professional services to help guide you through the material world. The online store simplifies your life by providing an easy way for all of us move on with our lives in this complicated time of transition and change.

Estate Sales America has helped hundreds of families liquidate the estates in their homes with our diligent, discerning work. We’ve had some big wins over the years – managing many six-figure estate sales and selling millions worth of items (including collectibles like rare art pieces). It all started March 1st 2001 when we opened Antique Mall Lumberton in Southeast Texas!

Swan Estate Sales is a family-owned and operated home sales company that has been in operation for over 40 years. They offer the most comprehensive estate sale services available, including onsite appraisals of any property type or value (small, large homes; condominiums and townhouses), as well as consignment listings to sell your goods through their auction service at no cost!

EstateSalesAustinTX – Specialists in handling all phases of residential estate sales/liquidations. From Travis and Williamson Counties, we have successfully handled the sale or liquidation of many homes with their personal property. We can provide you personalized service to make your experience successful and stress-free!

Estate Sales and Liquidation Services – You need to sell, liquidate or downsize your belongings quickly, efficiently and with the highest profit possible. Estate sales by Jonesy can help you do all that! We have managed thousands of estate sales so we know what it takes for success in our industry.

The All Estate Sales & Auction Company is one of the most well-known auction houses in America. With over 35 years experience, our company specializes in estate auctions and works closely with clients to help them through a difficult time. We specialize in collectible art glass, fine art, furniture antiques as well countless other categories that are sure to please anyone looking for something extraordinary!

Leftovers Austin Estate Sales is the leading estate sale company in your city. With over a decade of experience, you will find no better place to get rid of all those old items that just won’t make it any longer! As family-owned and operated for generations now, Leftovers has the integrity and expertise necessary to handle even your most difficult job with ease.

Anne Dee & her staff have been a dream to work with as they handled my recent downsizing estate sale. They were not just professional but also creative, knowledgeable and organized from the first meeting through end of the sale process.

New Phase Estate Sales is an estate sale company based out of Austin and provides full-service sales for people looking to sell their old furniture, electronics, or clothes. They’re a local business that’s been helping customers in the area since 2005!

Austin Estate Sales (AES) will provide a full service for your clients. We are happy to customize our work, but generally the last thing you need to do is remove any items not on sale in advance and make sure utilities stay on while we carry out the process of an estate sale with 40% commission from gross sales.

Premiere Estate Team is here to do the hard work of estate liquidation. They provide expertise nationwide and they don’t miss any details so you can rest assured that your family will get what it deserves when transitioning from this life into something new.