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Beautiful Beginning Birth Center is devoted to providing a beautiful birth experience for you and your baby in an intimate environment. Each member of the team has years of expertise, making it easy for them to provide excellent care while also being skilled at helping clients achieve comfort measures during labor.
BeLoved Doula & Postpartum Care because I truly care. My goal is that you feel loved when we're together, and in the delivery room or after labor has ended! I live outside of Austin but saw an unmet need for personal childbirth education classes so people could have more evidence-based information before they go into their birth experience with me as a doula--whether it be at home/hospital setting etc.
With over 17 combined years of experience, our team is committed to offering families the best care possible during pregnancy and childbirth. We are certified in a variety of areas including midwifery services as well as birth education and post-partum doula support.
Birthwise Birth & Family Center is your home away from home. Our birth center, nestled in the heart of central Austin with state-of-the art equipment and comfortable environment will offer you personalized care that ensures clinical safety throughout pregnancy as well as during delivery for mommy to be!

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Birthwise Birth & Family Center is your home away from home. With state of the art equipment in a comfortable environment, you can be assured that our experienced midwives will provide personalized care with attention to safety throughout pregnancy and birth.
New Life opened it's doors in May of 1984. Since then, over 150 apprentices have been trained through the New Life Seminar and Apprentice Program and births helped by our staff number more than 2000! Detailed records are kept on file of every birth to statistically view the various aspects of our own experiences here at New life Birth Center.
DONA doulas believe that mothers should have continuous care and we offer no additional cost if your labor exceeds a certain time. We do not work with Medicaid but our team does offer one pro-bono birth each quarter. Our sliding scale is based on what you’re able to pay, so there are always options for families of all sizes!
ATX Doulas is dedicated to providing support for women and families throughout the childbearing year. Our team of birth doulas are passionate about helping you achieve your best birthing experience, no matter what that may mean for you. As a group we have many years and hundred of births under our belt, giving us an abundance knowledge to share with evidence-based information so that together
Venus Birth Work, LLC and all parties involved believe in equality for all people. We do not discriminate against age, religion, race or nationality when it comes to our clients; we want you the feel safe while exploring your sexuality during labor even if that means telling us how to speak about consent. I also work hard at being inclusive of everyone's feelings as well!
We love the chance to serve our expecting mothers. We are always happy for a new face, and we look forward to helping you through your pregnancy! Feel free to send us any questions or concerns that arise from this exciting time in life - message here on Facebook or chat with one of our caring consultants
One can only imagine the sense of relief that parents feel when they find a place like AABC to give birth. For over three decades, our two birthing centers have been providing natural childbirth and waterbirths in an atmosphere free from stress or worry about what might go wrong; we believe every woman deserves this opportunity.
I was overjoyed when I found out that my friend, who had been struggling with infertility for years and finally achieved success giving birth to her daughter. As a Doula myself in the modern era, it's hard not to be proud of what we as women have accomplished! We are able to create life from our own bodies like no other time before us
New Beginnings Birth Center is the premier place for you and your family to have a safe childbirth. We proudly offer an array of services from well-educated midwives, who are dedicated in providing clients with care as they navigate through this exciting time period by using our Midwifery Model Of Care model . Nowadays most private insurers will be accepting us so come see what we can do!