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List of the Top Apartment Rental Agency in Austin

Apartment Pros is a Free Apartment Locator for Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. From finding your perfect home to helping with moving logistics, they make sure you’re just one call away from renting in no time!

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Housing Scout is a company focused on helping UT students find housing near the university. With intimate local experience and knowledge of campus, we work extensively to help you find your perfect home in Austin with our comprehensive listings that include apartments, homes & condos. We love what we do!

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At Apartment Specialists, our goal is to always provide outstanding customer service-we understand how frustrating it can be when searching for new apartments! From year to year where you want live changes dramatically: rents go up; jobs change; neighborhoods evolve…and roommates come and go too. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone in Austin who understood

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Pauly Presley Realty is the Austin real estate team you can rely on to find your dream home. Our expert agents specialize in every type of housing and have a particular expertise for finding unique properties that are perfect for your needs. Whether it’s downtown condos or cozy apartments, we will work hard until we know you found something special!

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Are you looking for an apartment in Austin? The last thing you want is to deal with pushy, rude, ignorant or lazy locators. Luckily there are good ones out there too – some of them being local and experienced! Our team has been building relationships with Apartment Leasing agents and managers all over town so we know the best places available on any given day.

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Apartment Pros is a service that provides free assistance with finding an apartment in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area. Apartment Pros will take you through their search process where they’ll ask for your zip code as well as some additional data to assess what types of apartments are available on the market right now before providing specific results tailored just for you!

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Apartments Now is a one stop shop for all your Austin apartment needs. We provide prospective renters with up-to date information on apartments in and around the city, as well as specials that are available to new residents. Give us a call today!

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Austin Area Apartment Locators has a wide variety of apartments and studios to suit your needs. Located in the Austin, TX area with easy access from all points in town or out on the countryside, we offer affordable rates for our quality service that will take away any stress you may have about finding an apartment.

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Austin-based start up, ATX Deals has found a way to optimize apartment hunting in the city. The company matches people looking for housing with apartments that have new or upcoming specials and deals on rent. By signing up through their website you can be notified when an attractive deal becomes available near your location!

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Austin City Realty is committed to the highest quality service, putting our clients’ needs first; treating all parties fairly and honestly. Our commitment goes beyond a simple job – it’s about building relationships with people that will last a lifetime. Above all, each team member has access to resources for personal and professional development in order to perform at excellence

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When it comes to finding the perfect home, you’re in good hands. We work with our clients to find them everything they need and want at a price that suits their needs – guaranteed! Our agents have years of experience working within each city’s niches (Austin, Houston or San Antonio) so we know exactly what will make your new place feel like yours.

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Austin Luxury Locating is a division of Ingle Realty, which strives to provide the best customers with their needs. Our broker is a native Austinite and truly loves his job as well as the people he works with. He doesn’t just work hard but considers each person that comes into contact within our company family!

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I’m here to help you find the perfect home. I’ll do a customized search based on your needs and desires, then give you my personal feedback with an honest answer! It’s no secret that Austin is one of the hottest spots in Texas right now so if it seems like time for a change- think about all this city has to offer

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We specialize in finding the best place possible for any situation when it comes to living arrangements–whether an individual’s looking their very own spot of land (i.e., purchasing) or they need some guidance on what space will work as well as be agreeable within their budget, lifestyle choices, etcetera…

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What are the services offered by an apartment rental agency?
  2. Are apartment rental agencies worth it?
  3. How to choose the right apartment agency
  4. What questions should you ask your apartment rental agency?
  5. How much does it cost to hire an apartment rental agency?
  6. Do apartment leasing agents get free rent?
  7. What is the agency fee for renting?
  8. How much do apartment rental agencies charge landlords?
  9. What is an apartment rental agency?
What are the services offered by an apartment rental agency?

Apartment rental agencies can work in two ways by getting apartments for individuals looking for one or helping landlords to get tenants to their apartments. Asides the service of helping individuals who do not have the time or are not well knowledgeable of an area they want to get an apartment to get the most suitable option for them, they can also collect rent for landlords and deal with full management of the apartment including things like repairs and looking over vacant apartments. They also handle things like proper evaluation, tenant screening, marketing the property for rent, drawing up or setting up contracts, maintenance and inspection, and in cases where tenants want to move out, they can clean the apartment unit, check for repairs and get it back out for rent.

Are apartment rental agencies worth it?

As a tenant, if you’re a really busy person and you won’t have the time to do your research and all other things necessary in getting a good apartment, then paying a couple of dollars to an apartment rental agency is absolutely worth it as they’ll do everything for you and look to get you a suitable place according to what you want and your budget.
As a landlord, time factor is also important but if you’ll also not be interested in hands-on management or you don’t live in the area and don’t plan on relocating, then it would be absolutely worth it as well to hire an apartment rental agency. They offer services that will help you manage your apartment, get prospective tenants to rent your apartment and also help with rent collection.

How to choose the right apartment agency

First thing you can do is to get referrals and look for these apartment rental agencies in that area you’re looking to relocate to or you already have an apartment (for a landlord). Next is to review websites to check what others think about their services and gain something like a background knowledge on the apartment rental agency. Next up is to check their level of experience and reputation. Then consider your budget and go further to consult the agency you find most suitable for you and proceed to agreements.

What questions should you ask your apartment rental agency?

Here are some questions you can ask your apartment rental agency;
For Landlords:
● How long have you been managing properties in my area?
● Will you be personally looking after my property?
● If not, who will?
● What is your agency’s process regarding payment?
● Will you be overseeing any possible repairs?
For Tenants:
● Is this area safe to live in?
● Is there a typical amount to pay for an apartment in this area?
● Would I need to be there for every process towards getting the apartment?
● How well do you know this area?
● What contracts would I need to sign?

How much does it cost to hire an apartment rental agency?

Apartment rental agencies charge in two ways; they either charge a percentage of the rent or a flat fee. Apartment rental agencies will charge around 8 to 15% of the monthly rent. For an apartment that has rent of $1500 per month, an apartment rental agency can charge $150 for a percentage of 10%. For a fixed or flat rate kind of payment strategy, the price will depend on the type of property and services offered. The rate usually starts from $100 and could go even higher to a couple more hundred dollars. Asides these one time payments for both strategies, there can still be more to pay if the apartment agency will be doing other things or handling a couple of other things for the apartment. Things like managing a vacant apartment, routine checks, late rent payment, or setting up contracts will attract more charges.

Do apartment leasing agents get free rent?

Not always but there’s a possibility of getting a free rent depending on the agreement with the landlord. Most times, landlords offer apartment leasing agents discounts of a particular percentage on rents depending on an agreement like the number of rents collected during the month or the number of new tenants brought in. It all depends on the landlord and the type of agreement they already have in place. A live-in apartment leasing agent might not be required to pay any rent at all if they handle the overall management of the apartment.

What is the agency fee for renting?

Apartment rental agencies sometimes either work to get new tenants to rent the apartments or handle full management of the apartment. The agency fee for renting the amount of money charged by the apartment rental agency or the agency handling the apartment’s letting option after they must’ve completed or sealed a deal with a new tenant. The fee, as always, ranges depending on the city or area where the apartment is located and also the level of expertise or experience that the agency or agent can offer. The price is a certain percentage of the rent, usually between 8 to 15% of the first time rent. Some agencies might charge less or more than this percentage depending on the quality of service offered.

How much do apartment rental agencies charge landlords?

Landlords sometimes usually hire apartment rental agencies to do part or even most of their work. Some of the landlords that do not have the time or are not interested in hands-on management can just hire an apartment rental agency to do everything regarding the management of their apartment including getting tenants. The range of services that an apartment agency can offer landlords include finding tenants, being in charge of rent collection and then handling full management of the apartment. The cost of these services vary depending on the kind of apartment rental agency. Some are more experienced than others so that will definitely play a part in what they charge. For finding tenants, landlords usually pay a one time fee that can be up to the monthly rent fee. If the agency will be in charge of rent collection, they’ll charge about 10% of the rent though the percentage ranges for different agencies. For full management, up to 20% of rent is charged by the agency.

What is an apartment rental agency?

An apartment rental agency is an agency that helps individuals looking to get a new apartment to get a good place and ease whatever kind of stress would normally result when they do this all by themselves. Apartment rental agencies simply offer that ease and comfort to prospective tenants by helping them go through all the processes involved in the search for a new apartment for a certain price. Things like research, setting up appointments with the landlords, and securing the apartment are things that you can surely get from hiring apartment rental agencies. They not only help with getting apartments in a close area but can go as far as distant areas of your choice to help you get an apartment. Apartment rental agencies usually have a large database of apartments and that makes it easy for them to get you an apartment of your choice while also considering budget.