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LAST UPDATED 4 Oct, 2023
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List of the Top After School Program in Austin

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At The Articulate Company, we believe that kids are worth it and so is art. We strive to make our world a better place for tomorrow's generation by providing them empathy through creative outlets such as painting workshops or birthday parties while still being open-minded enough about other cultures!
RoboCode Kids is a company that fosters innovation and creativity in children by teaching them to program robots at an early age. We work with engineers from around the world, developing curriculum for our students aged 6+. Our hands-on based approach ensures they are able think scientifically while learning coding skills which will help shape future innovators!
LeafSpring School is the standard of excellence in early education, school age recreation and mildly ill care. With their well-trained staff members who provide a safe haven for children to learn while they recuperate from whatever it may be that has caused them minor illness or injury; LeafSpring provides nurturing environments where kids feel cared about by those around them just as much if not more so than themselves!
ROOTS Austin is a community program that promotes cultural inspiration and entrepreneurship for youth in grades K-6. They do this by hosting after school programs, family meet ups, music events (such as the annual Ravelympics), STEM camps during summertime periods when kids are off from school or out working at camp; all of which help build character while developing skills to make them future leaders!

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At Breakthrough, we understand that many children from low-income communities struggle to see through the illusion of success in college. Our program aims to break this cycle by providing a 12 year commitment for education and leadership development services--from middle school all the way up until graduation day.
Code Galaxy is an innovative coding class for students in grades 2-12. Students can learn basic to advanced skills and use them as a catalyst for creativity. Online classes offer the convenience of virtual instruction from teachers located at our Austin, TX facility which provides collaborative and inclusive environment perfect for kids learning about technology today!
Spilled Milk Social Club is a place for children to explore creativity and the arts. The founders of SMSC are bringing together their diverse experiences in working with kids, and have developed activities that will stimulate each child's most prominent philosophy: Everyone has potential!