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List of the Top Accounting Services in Austin

NomerBiz is an accounting firm in Austin, Texas that started as a small business accounting consulting firm in the year 1995. Over the years, it has become one of the top – notch accounting and bookkeeping firms. They specialize in delivering comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll services for companies and entrepreneurs from different industries.

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HD CPA is a full service tax and accounting firm located in Austin and San Antonio that has been aiding businesses in managing their accounting and financials for 80 years. Their services include accounting services, payroll services, tax preparation and strategy, company formation, business analysis and consulting, and virtual CFO and controller.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. What are important qualities in selecting accounting services?
  2. Do I need a CPA firm?
  3. What accounting software do firms use?
  4. What questions should I ask my accountant?
  5. Can accounting services improve my profitability?
  6. Can accountants represent you in the instance of a Tax Audit?
  7. What are accounting firm fees ?
  8. How do accounting firms interact with clients?
  9. What services do accounting firms offer?
What are important qualities in selecting accounting services?

Accounting is a delicate work and thus you need to ensure you do your homework before you hire someone to handle sensitive financial data. Before you hire an accountant or accounting firm, ensure the company has well qualified staff; these should be CPA’s or CMA’s depending on your needs (CMA’s are Certified Management Accountants)

Ensure your Accountants are experienced in the industry you are seeking assistance in eg taxation, financial analysis, debt management, strategic planning etc. Ensure the accounting service fee is within your budget line and that the CPA’s are available to do the work when called upon.

Do I need a CPA firm?

Good accounting services are indispensable to the growth and survival of your enterprise. You will find the insights and experience of a CPA firm as golden if you have them on your team. Accounting services will give you the upperhand in knowing the latest trends in the ever changing tax system.

A CPA firm will offer your business a robust analysis of income and expenditure. Accounting services will give you innovative ways to maximise profits and minimise losses; they will additionally help you choose the best software and systems ideal for maintaining your financial records. If you are called to attend a tax audit meeting your CPA is just the right professional to represent you or accompany you.

What accounting software do firms use?

Accounting services are simplified and made more efficient by the use of accounting software. These softwares help you keep financial records in an organised format and minimise human error. Accounting software will help you formulate a feasible budget, prepare your tax returns, plan for your retirement, track your investments and pay your bills.

Some of the softwares on the market that can help with accounting needs include; Quickbooks Online, Quicken, Mint, Wave, Quickbooks Self-Employed etc. These software vary widely in functionality and cost depending on what kind of level of accounting you seek. Your CPA will guide you to what software is ideal and convenient for your business.

What questions should I ask my accountant?

Accountants are smart but they aren’t magicians, they know what is needed to file your taxes but would do an even better job if you’re involved in the process. Some important questions to ask your accountant include; what documents/information do you need from my organisation to assist us in this particular area; it could be taxes, payroll, inventory assessment, financial analysis etc.

You can ask your accountant if there are industry specific taxes that your company specific taxes that your company is obliged to pay. Certain taxes are required in the shipping industry, food industry, automotive industry, music industry, sports industry etc. so you would like to know this to ensure you’re not caught off guard.

Ask your accountant about the application of the Affordable Care Act in relation to the number of employees you have (full-time equivalent employees and number of employees mean two different things). Your accountant is your financial ally and as such you should always feel free to ask them about anything you’re not certain about concerning your business and its financial operations; from cash flow to insurance and how to deal with fraud your accountant is an asset.

Can accounting services improve my profitability?

Accounting services are integral to your business if profitability is your prime agenda. CPA’s can analyse your operational costs and help you cut down on unnecessary expenses. Accountants are naturally good negotiators and in an instance that you’re paying too much for raw materials or resources for your product or trade they can reach a consensus with the supplier on your behalf so you can break even in your business or better still make a profit.

Debt is another problem all businesses would like to curtail, especially when its bad debt. Accounting services can truly be life saving in this case; Accountants can offer a financial analysis of your debt and suggest strategies to clear it thus maximising your profits at the end of the day.

Most importantly Accounting services can help you develop a business growth model that will have realistic milestones and real time analysis of the progress being made, this will involve easy to understand charts and graphical illustrations. Profit isn’t a coincidence it has to be planned and a Certified Public Accountant is just the person you need to achieve it.

Can accountants represent you in the instance of a Tax Audit?

To obtain a better outcome from tax audits, it would be wise to engage someone experienced and properly trained to represent you or accompany you to a tax auditing session. The IRS carries out audits routinely for three reasons; random sampling, computerised screening and for data comparison.

The ideal representative you can engage for a tax audit is actually a CPA, Tax Attorney or better still a specialised CPA known as an enrolled agent; these are accountants authorised by the federal government as representatives for tax payers in audit meetings, appeals and collection matters.

What are accounting firm fees ?

Accounting services are invaluable but however come at a cost; the cost of hiring an accounting firm will depend on a number of factors which include: the location of the firm, the degree of experience of the individual accountants, the type of accounting work you seek assistance with and whether you are looking for a short term or long term partnership.

Accounting services are usually offered in two forms; hourly or fixed service charges. For hourly service fees regardless of the type of accounting work the firm will charge you according to the time invested working on your finances. For fixed charges the firm fee will be standardised depending on the particular type of accountancy work you need help with; it could be taxes, payroll, e-Accounting, fraud management etc

How do accounting firms interact with clients?

In the provision of Accounting Services CPA firms live up to their name in terms of professional conduct. Accounting firms will stipulate clearly the terms and conditions for providing accounting services; any jargon and complex clauses in Accounting principles will be thoroughly explained to a client.


Honesty and integrity is key. Certified Public Accounting firms are liable to legal prosecution if they engage in fraudulent management of a given company’s finances, thus you can expect high levels of  transparency and integrity in the way CPA firms interact with clients.


Communication is another important tenet about how CPA’s will interact with clients, they will ensure you receive full updates on the progress made in the accounting service you have requested for; this can be via email or a phone conversation, but where matters and paperwork need to be explained in depth an in person accounting session is necessitated.

What services do accounting firms offer?

Accounting firms offer a variety of accounting services. These services are offered to companies of diverse interests and sizes; from large corporates to small and medium enterprises. The accounting services include: Financial Accounting services, Payroll Accounting services, Electronic Accounting services, Tax Accounting services and Financial Statement preparation.

All these are specialised services which will help your company manage its finances professionally, profitably and safely. For instance, Tax Accounting services will enable your company to correctly prepare returns; this will help your company make savings through tax deductions which your CPA will be able to identify where available.