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List of the Top Yoga Instructor in New York City

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Body Mechanics

Service Focus
27% Massage
26% Healing
18% Foot Massage
30% Other
Service Focus
27% Massage
26% Healing
18% Foot Massage
30% Other
Body Mechanics Orthopedic Massage Therapy NYC is the leading massage therapy provider in Midtown Manhattan. They specialize in providing ongoing maintenance, pain relief and relaxation for people who are looking to get back on their feet again after an injury or illness has forced them out of work!
The Shala Yoga House is the place to be for those looking for a new adventure and discovery of themselves. Taught by experienced teachers, we take you through eight different classes each week! Get your practice on at our Union Square location or find out more about teacher training here: https://www.youtube-channel/UCfuA2I5OyhN4xIGff3oHM
At Dharma Yoga Center NYC we offer a safe and welcoming space for you to explore the many benefits of yoga, all while instilling peace in mind & body through various classes tailored specifically towards every level from beginner's basics up through more advanced techniques such as restorative postures or Sivanasana (evening pose).
The Yoga School provides programs to help you find your way in life. They offer classes for all levels, including traditional vinyasas and restorative postures as well as therapeutic techniques designed by Sri Krishnamacharya's grandson TKV Desikachar - who also happens be one of India

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At Private Yoga Teacher NYC, Hunt Parr A private yoga lesson with an expert can be the perfect way to spend your day. You'll not only get a great workout but also learn some new poses that are sure make life easier on you!
At Three Sisters Yoga NYC, students are given the opportunity to grow not only their yoga skills but also themselves. The studio offers individualized attention that is suitable for all levels so there's something in store no matter what your goal may be!
Integral Yoga Institute New York is the perfect place to take your first step into a world of peace and balance. From ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow or restorative
At Urban Yoga NYC, we offer packages to get you training consistently and efficiently. These sessions include breath work as a tool for accessing the meditative state along with Asanas (yoga positions) that will stretch & strengthen common areas such as hips shoulders legs core/power
Private Yoga Soho provides an opportunity for busy professionals to find time in their day-to-day lives so they can be more relaxed. Private yoga studios, like Private Yoga SoHo are useful tools that help many New Yorkers balance work and family life with some peace of mind - all without having too much hassle or stress on either end!
In NYC, yoga can be a way to relieve stress. At Yoga with Po | Private Yoga nyc you'll find one on one sessions that will help you achieve your personal best in the studio or at home--all while getting conditioned for an active lifestyle full of balance and flexibility!
New Vibe Yoga is a therapeutic and healing practice that helps us still the fluctuations of our minds. We understand ashtanga yoga, an Eight-limbed Pathway that leads to Self Realization through Samadhi -the eight stages/postures including easy ones for beginners like Cat Pose or Tree pose so you can experience how it feels when your body relaxes from those tough workouts
Ruah Yoga is a fun, upbeat studio where you can learn to connect with your inner peace. With classes for every skill level and an experienced teaching staff ready to help no matter what area of yoga or mindfulness interests you most - this relaxing space has something perfect waiting inside!
The Awakened Warrior Yoga Teacher Training is unlike any other - it unites ancient and modern yoga philosophies with the most up-to date practices from some of today's best teachers. The course will unite your mind, body & soul into powerful being that can heal others through movement!
At Samamkaya Yoga, we believe that each person is unique and deserves to be treated accordingly. With classes for all levels of experience at our studio in New York City or online through live streaming videos on Facebook Live (coming soon!), you will find the perfect class based off what your needs are this season!
BeU Yoga New York is a community-oriented studio offering prenatal, kids and adult yoga classes. Be sure to check out our Hatha & Vinyasa flow for moms who want an energizing workout or the relaxation of Prenatal / postpartum poses! We also offer reiki healing services as well as nanny matching so that you can take advantage all around this amazing building located at 160 Broadway 4th floor east side
At sonic yoga NYC, no two classes are the same. Mats and blocks make for an individualized experience in each class as you flow through a sequence customized around your needs with state-of-the art sound technology that's proven to help release tension without causing pain or discomfort while simultaneously boosting energy levels!