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Wimgo uses a multi-phase selection process beginning with a holistic review by our data team to check any red flags or unresolved complaints. It then selects its curated list using its expert review team on five main criteria listed below, assigning them numerical values. Finally, it selected the top 18 Tattoo Removal for New York City, ny.

1. Reputation

Analysis of all reviews across verifiable platforms to determine overall sentiment.

2. Expertise

Team experience and knowledge, along with number of years in business.

3. Service Quality

The quality of service delivered measured by quality, speed, and value.

4. Consistency

Rate at which the business consistently produce high quality outcomes.

5. Customer Service

Reputation and quality of customer experience departments.

Top Ranked New York City Tattoo Removal

The Finery

At The Finery their fully certified and experienced laser tattoo removal professionals use the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology in the industry. When you visit them you guaranteed superior tattoo removal results and experiences during each and every visit. They are located in lower Manhattan and Buffalo among many places in New York City.

Erase Spa

At laser hair removal their procedures utilize some of the most advanced technologies in the industry. With Epicare-DUO and Cynosure Elite plus, you can say goodbye, once and for all, to unwanted hair.At Erase Spa, they offer reliable tattoo removal services that help you completely get rid of any unwanted marks.

Clean Canvas More Art

Not many places have the best and most current laser equipment like CC MA , they have specialized in laser tattoo removal for over a decade. They are also part of the tattoo community, cultivating amazing relationships and earning the trust and confidence from the world’s best tattoo artists.

Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal – Manhattan

Clean Slate Laser is known worldwide for our flawless tattoo removal results. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals. You can call or click today for a free consultation or online price quote. Join the thousands of happy clients who they help every year

Bye Bye Ink

Jackie Gibbs, the owner of Bye Bye Ink, is her own canvas. After many years of regretting her impulsive tattoos, one on each shoulder blade, she decided it was time to feel comfortable again in her own skin. Jackie went on to obtain professional training and certification at the International Laser Academy to become a Certified Laser Operator and is proudly the sole CLO in Queens, NYC.

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center

Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center offers Cool Sculpting applicators customized to the desired treatment area on the body. Small coolsculpting applicators are ideal for areas such as flanks love handles, upper arms, bra fat, man chest, inner thighs and stomach area. They are located in Brooklyn New York City.

Luminesse Laser

At Luminesse they understand that beginning any laser regime is a big decision. Most people assume it’s costly and requires a major time commitment. Imagine eliminating all of your usual maintenance expenses: razors, waxing, cosmetics, expensive creams and investing that money in a service which will produce incredibly long-lasting results after only a few visits.

Step Up Skin Laser

Step Up Skin Laser is an industry leader and the only pain-free laser hair removal facility in the area. They are famous for our high speed, pain-free laser technology. They also provide skin laser rejuvenation, customized weight loss programs, and customized facial and body treatments. They have searched throughout the world for the best laser technology to ensure our clients the best results with minimum discomfort.

Clean Slate Laser Tattoo Removal – Staten Island

Clean Slate Laser is known worldwide for our flawless tattoo removal results. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through the process and help you achieve your goals. You can call or click today for a free consultation or online price quote. Join the thousands of happy clients who they help every year

Miss Laser

At Miss Laser, our Certified Laser Technicians are committed to providing you with the latest laser technology and the most effective laser hair removal treatments at an affordable price. They use only FDA approved laser machines that are the best in the industry, that services both men and women with all skin types.

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to its patients through the collective medical expertise of its surgeons, the acquisition and proliferation of knowledge through training. LIPSG is the largest practice of its kind in the United States .Established in 1948, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is one of the first plastic surgery groups in the country, dedicated to providing the latest techniques in plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC

At Plastic Surgery and Dermatology of NYC, they have four different lasers that can be used for tattoo removal, each designed to target specific ink colors. Laser treatment of birthmarks is also, generally, very effective. Laser treatment of melasma may require a combination of lasers, as well a proper topical skin care regimen. Dr. Levine’s laser and skin care expertise enables her to successfully treat melasma, despite its complexity, in a wide range of skin tones.

Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY and NJ

SSLS has been serving Manhattan, Hackensack and Hillsborough for the past 20 years and we believe cosmetic dermatology is an art form. Their premier dermatology practice is led by world renowned dermatologist and skin laser industry pioneer, Dr. David Goldberg. We have long been a testing and training ground for dermatological products and devices, putting us at the forefront of an international industry.


Laser Hair Removal Salon in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY, they are premier laser salon serving New York City located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. Their mission is to provide the most advanced minimally-invasive results-oriented laser aesthetic treatments in a safe yet luxurious environment with an exceptional level of customer service. Their team is trained and certified to administer laser services.

Prasad Cosmetic Surgery

PRASAD Medical Skincare Line has lotions, creams, gels and serums that you can apply to your skin yourself and without requiring a prescription. Their extensive experience with Hair Restoration gives us the ability to provide you with all the hair loss concealers, vitamins and supplements, shampoos and treatments, hair regrowth products and hair transplant healing products and much more.

Judith Hellman M.D. PLLC

A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hellman practices medical dermatology and also specializes in laser acne treatments, Botox and fillers, and cosmetic radiofrequency and laser devices. She received her B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. An accomplished musician, she decided to switch gears and pursue a medical career. She is the best dermatitis in NY.

New Look Laser College

New Look Laser College is the most experienced tattoo removal training program in the world, and the first laser training course to focus exclusively on the tattoo removal procedure. Their consulting has supported the success of skin specialists, physicians, medical spas, and tattoo removal entrepreneurs worldwide entering the field. They are based in New York.


INKerase is New York’s premier tattoo removal center conveniently located in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. They are not a spa. They are not amateur cosmetologists trying to make an extra dollar. They are board certified dermatologists and most importantly experts that understand the ins and outs of healthy skin.