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Top Drug Testing Service in New York City - 2024

LAST UPDATED 18 Jul, 2024
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List of the Top Drug Testing Service in New York City

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Global Detection Systems Corp. was founded in the 2008 to provide a comprehensive suite of the services for the defense, intelligence and the law enforcement agencies around the world. The company's mission statement reads "to empower clients by helping them achieve their goals with advanced technology."
Health Street is an expert in the field of the drug testing and providing the professional service for companies. They provide DNA tests, employment background checks to businesses as well as individuals looking to make sure their company knows who they're working with on site!
Mobile Health offers occupational health and employee screening nationwide. Services include: physical exams, drug screens, background checks for potential employers' staff members as well - all at your convenience! Mobile Health's physical exams, drug screenings and background checks will make you feel safer on the job.
National Drug Screening is one of 29 firms in the nation to have this accreditation as Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing. With an emphasis on quality, customer service excellence has been at its heart since 1985 when it first opened its doors with just a phone call away you can get help solving your problem from someone who really knows what they're doing!

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We are a full clinical reference laboratory that provides the best test results to physicians, healthcare providers and employers. Our lab offers a wide range of services for physicians and healthcare providers to test their samples. We strive in providing high-quality results that meet your needs as well, so you can be confident about what we provide!
ABW Compliance Services, LLC. Drug-free workplaces can be one of the greatest safety precautions an employer takes to protect their employees from being injured on site or brought into court because they were forced into using drugs at work (and almost always end up losing).
DDW Drug Testing Services offers a single system for scheduling, ordering and processing paperless drug testing that both laboratory test results as well as rapid urine screens. A major benefit of this service over traditional methods like urinalysis or blood draws from an arm is its ability to ship the sample out immediately while awaiting final analysis
Drug Test Compliance LLC offers a wide range of services to help employers and organizations maintain compliance with DOT standards. These include mobile drug testing, workplace screening for drugs or alcohol use among employees (including random tests), as well as thorough consultations on how best practices can be implemented in order achieve maximum returns.