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List of the Top Body Piercing Shop in New York City

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The best tattoo shop in town, HARLEM HYPE TATTOOS & BODY PIERCINGS has been providing the most creative and quality tattoos for over 10 years. We take pride in our work to make sure we are always striving for perfection. With a safe environment free from any worries of getting new ink or piercings on your body, stop by at anytime.
Ron and Dave's Tattooing is the place to go for all of your tattoo needs. They are known for their clean, safe environment as well as unbeatable customer service from three generations of artists who know how to create quality tattoos at a reasonable price.
Elite Jewelry Co. is a one of a kind body jewelry and the piercing shop, located in the New York City's tattoo & the piercings capital St. Marks Place with an unmatched selection of luxury brands that are sure to please any fashionistas out there!

Frequently Asked Questions About Body Piercing Shop

You should look out for hygiene and cleanliness where you’re in search of a body piercing shop. It is a good sign that you’re probably going to be attended to with safe procedures and they’ll also put hygiene first when giving you a piercing. Also, check that they’re licensed and they’ve got a certification. There are different certifications and you can ask if they are APP-certified or if they also have a Bloodborne Pathogen Certification and/or a First Aid/CPR Certification. Experience will also matter as it lets you know you’re working with a professional who knows what they are doing. Just seeing that the body piercing shop is clean and nice is not enough to suggest they’re going to give you the best possible safe service. Consider checking if they have an autoclave for sterilization of their tools. Lastly, ask for a fee and book an appointment.

The cost of piercings at a body piercing shop usually varies depending on the type of piercing you want to get. There are different types of places where you can get piercings and the most common ones are the nose, ear, lip, eyebrow, navel, tongue, and daith. The prices for all these kinds of piercings differ and they range from about $30 to $60 generally. Most body piercing shops also give you a list of prices for pieces of jewelry and the fees usually start from around $30 and could go higher up depending on what you want.

Though there is no scientific evidence to back the claim, some people believe that daith piercing helps with anxiety. A Daith piercing is located at the innermost fold of the ear and it is believed that it can help deal with anxiety-related migraines. This type of piercing targets the vagus nerve, a long nerve extending from the bottom of the brain to the rest of the body, through pressure points in the ear believed to deal with headaches.

First and foremost is to understand the risks associated with piercings. Usually, piercings come with risks and it is very important to understand these things before putting yourself in that situation. Choosing a professional place can also help you in reducing your chances of getting exposed to one of those risks. Asides from knowing the risks, you also have to be sure about the place you want to get your piercings. Make sure they are professionals and can do the work well while making sure you’re not exposed to any risks or any problems. Next up is hygiene and lifestyle. Some piercings need more care than others and as such you need to take not of them. Not only for you but it is important that that the piercing shop also has good hygiene. It’s only normal that you’ll have to make some changes when you have gotten some particular kind of piercings. Some will require you to be more careful with certain activities, while others will just make you not be able to do some things again or at least enjoy them.

Just like the name implies, a body piercing shop is a place where individuals who would like to get a piercing can get it done for a fee. Piercings are body modifications made to selected parts of the body by puncturing or piercing that part of the body and having jewelry worn or inserted. At a body piercing shop, they put in place and go about the piercings by using some precautions aimed at helping both the piercer and the person who wants to be pierced.

Custom Tattoos & Piercings | Red Baron Ink - New York City . The tattoo artist behind the bar is a self-proclaimed outlaw at heart, who just wants to make people happy with his art. He specializes in custom designs for all occasions and makes sure each customer has an enjoyable experience from start to finish!

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Village Tattoo NYC is a haven for those looking to ink their way through life. You'll find everything from traditional and modern tattoo designs to the latest trends in drawing on skin, so no matter what style suits you best there's an artist ready that can help make this dream come true!
Body piercing is a form of body modification that allows people to change their appearance by altering the shape and size of some or all parts, typically for fashion. Body piercings are also known as "body art" because they can be an expression of freedom from social norms.
With Studio 28, you can be sure of a clean and welcoming environment for your custom tattoo design or piercing needs. Whether it's an intricate piece from one of our talented artists, the perfect new adornment to complement your style, or just improving on what nature gave you with something more interesting - we've got it all.
Infinity tattoo nyc is the perfect place to get your next ink. Ranging in size from small script words all the way up to large back pieces, we have you covered! We also offer cover-up services if it's time for a change or just want something new on that shoulder blade of yours
Refinery7 is dedicated to bringing you the Best in Ear-piercing, Body Piercing and much more! We have a wide range of options from simple piercings like Lip Rings through intricate tattoo designs. We are also experts when it comes down getting your name or phrase permanently etched onto our customers skin with beautiful permanent ink so they can never forget where life takes them next .
Family owned and operated since 1977, Village Dream Inc. is the place to find all of your travel needs! From flights or hotels; we've got you covered with discounts up there with no taxes attached so that they can be passed on as much too customers like yourself who keep this company running smoothly year round
Iris Piercing Studio is known for being the top destination in town, not just because they offer body jewelry that leaves you wanting more but also because of their helpful and friendly staff. The studio knows how important it is to be a comfortable environment so all clients feel at ease during treatments or consultations.
The End Is Near Brooklyn is a warm, welcoming studio where they offer custom piercing services that your clients can depend on. They have an elegant and curated collection of jewelry with pieces for body jewelry basics as well as gold or fine gems depending what you're looking to wear today.
Jewels 32 is a renowned piercing shop in the Manhattan that specializes in the finest gold and the titanium pieces. The staff at this store have been providing clients with top-quality services since 2010, so you know they're going to deliver excellent workmanship every time!
At Rowan Piercing Studio We offers ear piercing service at home in NYC by a registered nurse. Getting your first cartilage piercings has never been easier! A safe and painless procedure, getting this type of body modification is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to express their individuality on the inside or outside through symbolic jewelry that will last forever
We provide only the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique along with friendly care and excellent service. We pride ourselves in giving you a welcoming experience, all while immersing yourself within our stylish environment. Our staff is warm hearted and polite; we respect your privacy as well as each other's space so that everyone will enjoy their time at Iris.
UPLIFT TATTOO NYC is a tattoo and piercing studio in New York City. They offer many creative tattoos, piercings, scarification services as well as laser hair removal treatments. Uplift Tattoo NYC offers all kinds of body modifications including: o ne-of-a kind tattoos, piercings galore (from tongue to belly button), and even lasers for less hairy days!
At KapitalPiercings, we specialize in all basic piercings tattoos & body jewelry. Our location is closed for relocation!! If you have any questions about where to find us or what types of things we offer call the number listed below ASAP before it's too late!
Sacred Tattoo is the original tattoo shop in New York City, providing clean and professional tattoos to those who walk through its doors. A high-end jewelry piercing studio with over 15 years of experience under their belt should you wish to add a new accessory or two; they'll be more than happy show off what Sacred has done!
Live By The Sword Tattoo offers an exceptional experience with their open walk-in policy. Bring in your own idea or choose from hundreds of original flash designs to find the perfect tattoo that suits you best. Whether it’s for a first time customer, or someone who is already familiar and passionate about tattoos, we provide great service at competitive prices.
Village Moon Tattoo is a safe, sanitary and welcoming place where artists can cater to your every need. They offer everything from tattoos to piercing in an inspiring environment with talented tattooists that are licensed with years of experience just waiting for you! Stop by their spacious store today; Village Moon has all the latest trends as well as smoking paraphernalia.
Leathernecks Tattoo's team of talented artists each bring their own personal style to the shop and specialize in a specific genre of tattooing. You can find anything from traditional Celtic designs, Japanese characters or hearts with otherworldly haunting spirit energies here! Leatherneck Tattoos has a team of talented artists that each bring their own personal style to the shop and specialize in different genres.
Studio 316 Tattoo & body Piercing is the place to go if you're looking for a new tattoo or piercing. They have an extensive selection of stainless steels that will suit any artistic need, as well as over 200 types of steel in 300 series which are perfect for those who want their artwork done with comfort and ease!
Andromeda Studio 33 is a professional tattoo and piercing studio where you can find high quality, safe tattoos. They have artist that will design custom work for purchase or you may bring your own designs to the shop. The prices vary depending on what body part it's being done but in general they do not tattoo minors with no exceptions.
New York Adorned With a dream to build the tattoo art scene in New York that mirrored NYC's thriving artistic world, Lori knew she could support some of the craftsmanship and talent from all over. She saw tattoos as more than just "marking one’s body".
Located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York City stands a one-of-a kind Professional Piercing Studio and Fine Jewelry Boutique that uses only up to date techniques. Ahimsa is committed not just aesthetically but also ethically as they take pride for every piercing done on their clients with love and care because after all beauty comes from within!
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Maria Tash is the leading fine jewelry and luxury piercing destination recognized for quality, craftsmanship and innovation. With a range that can be customized to meet every need from simple studs or hoops inlaid with precious gemstones all way up through rare cartilage piercings; there's something at Maria' s store perfect for you!
Tattoo Seen has been located at 3177 East Tremont in the Bronx for over 30 years. We here at TATTOO SEEN have over three decades of not only tattooing but piercing experience also, founded by none other than Richie seen himself! With our wall-to-wall artwork and large selection of body jewelry we are one of New York City's largest shops--and oldest too
Brooklyn Ink Tattoo is one of the most well-known tattoo shops in Brooklyn. With an experienced and talented team, they have been proudly serving customers for over 15 years with quality tattoos that meet their diverse interests. They are always looking to work with new ideas from both clients and artists alike.
Nine Moon Piercing provides its customers with the best possible experience through their expertise on very specific types or piercings--they have something for everyone's needs! The team here does everything from small earrings to eyebrow rings and more; they always go above expectations because they know how important this type of business decision may be for someone’s life choices (and consequently mental health).
At Bound For Glory, we're all about the ink. The NJ-based shop has been specializing in custom and limited edition tattoos for over ten years now with artists who have experience working on some of today's biggest tattoo trends (think: Darkplaces). And while there may seem like an endless supply when it comes to designs out their doors or what stands behind them
Not for Nothing Tattoos. A tattoo and piercing shop in New York City, NotFornothingTattoos offers unique pieces with a variety of styles to suit your individual needs- whether it be the latest trend or something more traditional on our shelves we have what you're looking for! With locations across both Brooklyn as well as Manhattan there is sure to be one near where ever
At True Expression, we believe in the power of body modification. From piercings and tattoos to implants - you can find what fits your life style perfectly! Bridging cultural stereotypes by giving people options for how they express themselves is our main goal as a studio.
FIB Tattoo Bar is the first tattoo bar in Brooklyn, NY where you can get a sea-themed tattoo and sip on an iced drink afterwards. Not only do they have ten years of experience as a traditional ink parlor, but for just over one month now FIB has also been serving up cocktails to make your skin tingle all night long.
You can't get a tattoo anywhere else like you do at Redink Tattoo Studio. We have the best artists in town, who will cater to your unique style and offer customization that's guaranteed to make an impact on anyone lucky enough for us to ink them.
At Eddies Ink Tattoo in NYC, we have something for everyone. Whether you're looking to get a traditional tattoo or customize it with some new ideas of your own; whether black ink will do the trick or color has been more up your alley - our artists can help make that decision easier by providing consultation so there aren't any surprises later on!
Make your next tattoo appointment at NYC Tattoo Shop. We offer a wide range of services and are committed to top quality work in all areas, whether you're looking for traditional Japanese or bold Western styles! At "NYC Tattoo Shop, you'll find a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is more than happy to help.
The team at Uncharted is a group of seasoned professionals who consistently make expert-level custom tattoos. The artists specialize in American/Asian traditional and neo traditional, realistic or micro style for any size client with the option to set up an appointment online beforehand too!