Top Body Piercing Shop in New York City - 2021

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List of the Top Body Piercing Shop in New York City

The best tattoo shop in town, HARLEM HYPE TATTOOS & BODY PIERCINGS has been providing the most creative and quality tattoos for over 10 years. We take pride in our work to make sure we are always striving for perfection. With a safe environment free from any worries of getting new ink or piercings on your body, stop by at anytime.

Ron and Dave’s Tattooing is the place to go for all of your tattoo needs. They are known for their clean, safe environment as well as unbeatable customer service from three generations of artists who know how to create quality tattoos at a reasonable price.

Body piercing is a form of body modification that allows people to change their appearance by altering the shape and size of some or all parts, typically for fashion. Body piercings are also known as “body art” because they can be an expression of freedom from social norms.

With Studio 28, you can be sure of a clean and welcoming environment for your custom tattoo design or piercing needs. Whether it’s an intricate piece from one of our talented artists, the perfect new adornment to complement your style, or just improving on what nature gave you with something more interesting – we’ve got it all.

Iris Piercing Studio is known for being the top destination in town, not just because they offer body jewelry that leaves you wanting more but also because of their helpful and friendly staff. The studio knows how important it is to be a comfortable environment so all clients feel at ease during treatments or consultations.

The End Is Near Brooklyn is a warm, welcoming studio where they offer custom piercing services that your clients can depend on. They have an elegant and curated collection of jewelry with pieces for body jewelry basics as well as gold or fine gems depending what you’re looking to wear today.

We provide only the highest quality body jewelry and clean technique along with friendly care and excellent service. We pride ourselves in giving you a welcoming experience, all while immersing yourself within our stylish environment. Our staff is warm hearted and polite; we respect your privacy as well as each other’s space so that everyone will enjoy their time at Iris.

UPLIFT TATTOO NYC is a tattoo and piercing studio in New York City. They offer many creative tattoos, piercings, scarification services as well as laser hair removal treatments. Uplift Tattoo NYC offers all kinds of body modifications including: o ne-of-a kind tattoos, piercings galore (from tongue to belly button), and even lasers for less hairy days!

Live By The Sword Tattoo offers an exceptional experience with their open walk-in policy. Bring in your own idea or choose from hundreds of original flash designs to find the perfect tattoo that suits you best. Whether it’s for a first time customer, or someone who is already familiar and passionate about tattoos, we provide great service at competitive prices.

Village Moon Tattoo is a safe, sanitary and welcoming place where artists can cater to your every need. They offer everything from tattoos to piercing in an inspiring environment with talented tattooists that are licensed with years of experience just waiting for you! Stop by their spacious store today; Village Moon has all the latest trends as well as smoking paraphernalia.

Andromeda Studio 33 is a professional tattoo and piercing studio where you can find high quality, safe tattoos. They have artist that will design custom work for purchase or you may bring your own designs to the shop. The prices vary depending on what body part it’s being done but in general they do not tattoo minors with no exceptions.

New York Adorned With a dream to build the tattoo art scene in New York that mirrored NYC’s thriving artistic world, Lori knew she could support some of the craftsmanship and talent from all over. She saw tattoos as more than just “marking one’s body”.

Brooklyn Ink Tattoo is one of the most well-known tattoo shops in Brooklyn. With an experienced and talented team, they have been proudly serving customers for over 15 years with quality tattoos that meet their diverse interests. They are always looking to work with new ideas from both clients and artists alike.

Nine Moon Piercing provides its customers with the best possible experience through their expertise on very specific types or piercings–they have something for everyone’s needs! The team here does everything from small earrings to eyebrow rings and more; they always go above expectations because they know how important this type of business decision may be for someone’s life choices (and consequently mental health).

FIB Tattoo Bar is the first tattoo bar in Brooklyn, NY where you can get a sea-themed tattoo and sip on an iced drink afterwards. Not only do they have ten years of experience as a traditional ink parlor, but for just over one month now FIB has also been serving up cocktails to make your skin tingle all night long.

You can’t get a tattoo anywhere else like you do at Redink Tattoo Studio. We have the best artists in town, who will cater to your unique style and offer customization that’s guaranteed to make an impact on anyone lucky enough for us to ink them.