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List of the Top Aerobics Instructor in New York City

An internationally recognized NYC personal training facility, Body Space Fitness is unlike any other. We offer a range of fitness opportunities from private strength and conditioning to sports performance coaching, educational workshops (including nutrition), and innovative programs that are tailored for all needs whether you’re just starting out or looking to make your next level breakthrough.

Regenerate Fitness NYC is a group of fitness professionals who are always looking for new ways to get the most out of your workout. You will never be stuck in boring and routine workouts with us! We offer personal training, yoga, pilates, cardio-boxing classes at our Upper East Side studio or we can come to you anywhere within New York City.

As an NASM Certified, Surf Fit Instructor (FRCms), USAW Sports Performance Coach, pre and postnatal certified Kettlebell Concepts instructor with experience in Muay Thai Boxing, Capoeira Kickboxing & Boxeo as well. I also teach pilates mat classes to train the flexibility of your body for injury rehabilitation prevention and weight loss/nutrition goal attainment!

Achieving inner strength has never been more attainable than with “Inner Strength” Personal Training and awesome fitness classes starting at $9. Plus, you’ll learn the scientific power to calorie burning inspired by NASA scientist from our team of trainers who specialize in this area.

CompleteBody’s trainers help you achieve your fitness goals by taking an all-inclusive approach to exercise. From functional training to athletic conditioning, our trainers challenge and push you with a program that avoids adaptation so it can maintain interest in the workout routine.

ZIN™ is a company that specializes in Zumba classes but have recently been expanding to other high-energy fitness programs. I became interested after hearing about it from my sister and she urged me to sign up for their month long trial membership offer!

Core is different from any other gym – we are old school! We don’t offer fancy gimmicks or cutting edge equipment; instead we focus on what matters most: service and quality workouts. You won’t see trainers with earpieces like those overpriced gyms downtown either – our staff members know every customer by name because all their attention is focused right here at Core Gymnastics Center Incorporated

At Exceed, the idea of a supportive environment is more than just semantics. Staff members are constantly providing feedback and encouragement to help clients reach their full potential through functional fitness classes that focus on mental toughness as well as physical strength. The staff not only encourages you in your workouts but also helps with setting goals so you can achieve them!

305 exists to create a space where people of all shapes, sizes and abilities can feel empowered while being supported. With over 10 years in the industry we have seen firsthand how fitness helps everyone find their inner strength! 305 was founded on one simple principle: for as many different bodies there are out there, so too is there an equal number of ways that they move.

HomeBodies is one of the most established personal training services in NYC. Our expert, certified trainers come to your home or meet at your apartment gym on a schedule that works best for you! We will help you reach your fitness goals and if possible go beyond it. You’ll have full confidence when we give you the body that YOU want so then can live YOUR life TO THE FULLEST!

The fastest-growing fitness craze is here to stay! With two experienced instructors guiding you through an exciting variety of exercises, it’s easy to see why getting fit has never been so fun. Whether yoga or pilates are what got them hooked on working out – these regulars can’t get enough of their favorite type of class; they’ll be there every day if not twice a day!

Tim is a highly-driven and experienced professional with experience in the wellness and fitness industry, as well as hospitality. With his success in these industries, he’s also skilled at business development – including Sales, Management, Business Development Marketing & Social Media to name just a few of Tim’s skillset.

Don’t leave your fitness goals to chance. Become one of our discerning clientele and get the personalized attention you deserve with a private personal trainer who can accelerate weight loss or help improve your current fitness level, whatever that may be. Let’s work together today!

Many women do not know how strong they really are until faced with being pregnant or giving birth. That’s why we offer prenatal and postpartum personal training along with professional education on all aspects of motherhood – including tips about getting ready emotionally before expecting your baby so you’re better equipped when he arrives!