Last Updated: April 17, 2021


Nebraska is the only U.S. state that doesn’t connect to an ocean. It is located in the Midwestern region of the United states surrounded by South Dakota to the north, Iowa to the east and Missouri to the southwest, Kansas to the south, Colorado to the southwest and Wyoming to the west. Nebraska was the 37th state admitted to the union on March 1, 1867. 

Lincoln is the capital of the state and Omaha is the state’s largest city. Omaha city is home to the well-known company Berkshire Hathaway and is home to its owner, renowned investor and billionaire Warren Buffet. He is known as the “Oracle of Omaha ” still lives a simple life in the city in his lifelong home.

Some of the largest and best cities in Nebraska are as follows: Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, Kearney etc. Talking about the economic point of view, the state is a well established one. Some sectors that contribute to the Nebraska economy are agriculture, freight transport, manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology and insurance.

Nebraska is an exceptionally beautiful place. Some of the beautiful places in Nebraska are Omaha’s Henry Doorly zoo and Aquarium, the old market in Omaha strategic Air and space museum, Ashland, Chimney Rock National Historic Site, Hay market district in Lincoln, Scotts Bluff National Monument, Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, The Archway. 

Nebraska is one of the top most affordable states in the country with great views. Visit and Enjoy Nebraska.

Key Facts:

  • As of may 2020, Nebraska’s imports were $276.9 million. Its exports were valued at $561.3 million.
  • In 2020, the unemployment rate in Nebraska was at 4.2 percent. 
  • In 2019, the Per Capita real Gross Domestic Product of Nebraska was $59,386.
  • In 2019, the real GDP of Nebraska grew by about 4.3 percent.
  • The total number of non-farm employees in Nebraska stood at about 1.03 million people in 2019.