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Your Event Source can give you the event of a lifetime. Whether it be for one or two thousand people, our event planners will make sure that every detail has been thought through with care and attention to ensure nothing falls short on your special day!

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Lisa, the founder of Lisa’s Events will help you live your dream wedding day. She creates custom events that incorporate customer brands with tactile subtle elements and brings them to life! With plenty of creativity she can turn any outline into an unforgettable experience for all those involved – from family members attending weddings in attendance.

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Parties By Design has not only been an event producer for over 30 years but also served as a production assistant on projects including theater productions and television commercials. His background in these fields provides him with the creativity required to plan successful parties or events.

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Beautiful Eventz, LLC are a full service event planner in Charlotte that takes all the hassle out of organizing your perfect celebration. Whether you want to invite some friends or plan an extravagant party for everyone under the sun; our skilled coordinators will work with you while making every arrangement possible!

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Something Perfect is all about celebrating you. We’re here to help make the planning process easy, fun (and yes even a little bit silly) for your big day! Our team of experts will work with each individual client in order to create an unforgettable ceremony that reflects both partners personalities while still keeping things traditional enough so everyone can get on board.


Charlotte Chancey charm planners, with their experienced team of designers will design you a custom wedding to fit your personality and taste. They offer support throughout the planning process by working closely together on each individual’s online board where they can share what inspires them or shows how much thought has gone into every detail!

Carolina Event Design is proud to offer you the best in wedding planning services. With us, your day will be worry-free because we take care of everything! From designing an unforgettable ceremony and reception layout for up close personal attention that only Carolina can provide;to providing color matching eyelash pintucks linens with custom budgets tailored just for you -we do it all at affordable prices without cutting any corners on quality or service excellence like other companies might try

Details Wedding Planning is a company designed and created to help couples plan their dream weddings. The business officially launched in 2015, with amazing success due largely because we truly care about our clients’ love story; they want us get know you better-your personal connection should be at the forefront of every detail big or small.

J. Leigh Events is your one-stop shop for all of the entertainment needs you have at a party! We specialize in providing top notch DJ’s and live musicians who will keep everyone on their feet with exciting music during cocktail hour, dinner timeio or even dessert appetizers–whatever suits your fancy we’ll make sure it happens here.

ABT Events is the leader in Charlotte, NC when it comes to large outdoor event planning. With one call from our office you’ll get experienced advice and access to exciting resources that will make your job easier! Choose from our inventory of commercial tents we can configure specifically for your needs- once up they’re ready with table layout as well as other accessories like lighting.

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The name of my business is Charlotte’s Finest Event Planning. I plan all kinds of events like baby showers, birthday parties and more! After planning tons for family members and friends so much in the last few years that i decided to get a license with caterer registration agency because damn good at it too ;).

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Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am the brains behind Dotted Weddings & Events. Growing up in New York, my family came to live here permanently when they discovered that southern charm really does work for almost anything – especially weddings (everyone has their own take). After working several seasons under a fabulous top Charlotte planner last year-

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Hall & Webb is a boutique wedding and events planning company, located in Charlotte. They are committed to creating notable weddings with sophisticated design that will last for years after the event has passed- whether it be as part of their clients personal life or within another organization’s space like business conference rooms .

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Southern Savvy’s goal is to create a wedding day that reflects the personalities and styles of each couple, in order for it become their own personal memory preserved forever. With Southern Savvys experience in both event planning as well as weddings they can guide you through every step from start-to-finish while making sure everything goes off without any hiccups or problems!

Finesse Events is committed to exceeding your expectations. We understand that every experience, no matter how big or small it may be for you, should be extraordinary! That’s why we do everything in our capacity as an event planner and designer- because there are no limits on what can happen at this point!

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“Spark by Design is a multi-faceted event company that specializes in the execution and atmosphere for your celebration. We offer unparalleled imagination, superior destination management services including corporate events to weddings throughout Carolina’s region! Our goal is always provide you with an ultimate experience – one where we can fuel all our client?? needs from start to finish.”

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a party planner
  2. How to choose a party planner
  3. Why should I hire a party planner?
  4. How much do party planners charge?
  5. What does a party planner do?
Questions to ask a party planner

Here are some questions you can ask a party planner;
● What kind of event do you specialize in?
● Do you have any certification?
● Have you worked on similar projects?
● Do you have a portfolio to see events you’ve managed?
● What services do you offer?
● How much time would you need for the planning?
● Do you have good vendor contacts?
● How do you manage the event’s budget?
● What are your cancellation and refund policies?
● How much will you be charging?
● What will be included in the fee?
● How do you measure the success of an event?

How to choose a party planner

To choose a party planner for your event, the first thing to consider is experience and also if they have good credentials regarding the role. It would serve you well if you have a professional who has done quite a several past works successfully. Let the planner know your plans and ideas for the party and hear from them what they think and how they’ll go about it. Then you can consider payments and also things that will be covered in the price. It would be very advisable to get someone who has experience working on a similar project and who is a good communicator.

Why should I hire a party planner?

Party Planners handle everything regarding planning your party or event. They take up that responsibility to help you set up your party to the best of their capabilities based on what you want. With party planners helping with organizing or planning your party for you, you’ll be able to focus on other important or bigger aspects of the event. Also, party planners usually have a connection with professionals who can do certain things at the party such as caterers, and with them, you don’t need to worry about looking for options.

How much do party planners charge?

Party Planners usually charge fees based on the requirements of your party and also how difficult it will be to meet up to what you want. Averagely, you can expect to pay between $500 and $750 to hire the services of a party planner to help you with your event. This figure can however go higher depending on how big your party is and also the experience and reputation of the party planner

What does a party planner do?

A party planner is simply a professional who can help with everything related to organizing a party. They are individuals who are capable of adequately organizing any type of event based on your needs and what you expect.