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Established by Lee Shierts in 1985, and is the home of many world records. We are not only known as a sanctuary for high performance motorcycles but also host to first time accomplishments across all industries from entertainment to medicine! In 1999 we welcomed our fastest Hayabusa rider who managed reach speeds exceeding 200mph on this iconic bike.

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Independence Harley-Davidson? has been in continuous operation since the early 1920’s and was originally located on West Morehead. Mr Bishup, an auto mechanic by trade partnered with Upchurch to build this business from scratch back when there were only three dealerships across town! The partnership lasted until about 30 years ago when one of their mechanics.

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Carolina Cycle Service is the number one provider of motorcycle service and repairs in all of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are owned by Carlo Gagliardo who has over 30 years experience servicing high-quality bikes for riders throughout central NC’s “Bike Belt” area which includes Asheville with its mountain biking trails .

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Gibbon Tire & Auto! We’re always willing and excited for the chance of showing customers how much money they could save by getting repairs done here instead – trust us on this one; we know cars inside out (and up close).Don?? take chances with something as important as fixing up that old clunker in need or giving new life into a friend’s.

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Eurofed Automotive is South East’s go-to automotive shop for any European Auto Service. From factory scheduled maintenance to extensive drivetrain repairs, our dealer-certified technicians are equipped to handle it all! Our auto repair services include Audi, BMW and Volkswagen among others in addition of course what every car enthusiast needs: oil changes.

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Tony’s Bike Shop has you covered! We offer quality used products that will make life on two wheels much easier than ever before. For those looking forward or back pedals in need of some new companions- look no further because at this store everyone is family here with one goal.

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2Topia Cycles is the go-to shop for all your motorcycle needs. We offer expert service and work on European bikes as well! If you’re looking to restore or maintain an older machine, 2 Topia has trained technicians that can take care of it with ease; we’ll make sure everything gets done right at our facility located in Charlotte NC.

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We’ve got you covered at Moto Mechanix Garage. From the Bullet Series of Royal Enfield motorcycles to more recent models like Himalayan or Continental GT; our mechanics are trained in all aspects so that no matter what your needs may be–whether it’s maintenance on an old favorite back up bike-our team will get the job done right.

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Gaston Motorcycle Werks is the go-to place for all your motorcycle repair needs. We do general service work as well as build custom bikes, cafe racers and more! Check out our website to see if Gastown can help you save time on that restoration project or fix up some old Cavallieras of yours so they run like new again.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Questions to ask a motorcycle repair shop
  2. How to choose a motorcycle repair shop?
  3. Is restoring an old motorcycle worth it?
  4. How much does it cost to repair a motorcycle?
  5. What is a motorcycle repair shop?
Questions to ask a motorcycle repair shop

● How will you proceed with my motorcycle repair?
● Is the repair worth it or should I replace the motorcycle?
● Will you be doing a long-term fix for the job?
● Will I need follow-up repairs?
● How much will the repairs cost?
● What does the estimate include?
● How long will the repair take?
● What can I do to avoid such a problem in the future?
● Do you offer any warranty on the repairs?

How to choose a motorcycle repair shop?

The first thing you’ll need to do is research or seek recommendations on possible places to take your motorcycle to. Go for a repair shop with experienced and licensed mechanics and who are capable of doing a pretty good job. Also, you can ask if they are well experienced in the model of motorcycle you have. If they can do it, then there’s a huge possibility they’ll be able to fix it for you. Also, go for a repair shop with a good reputation and if you can research reviews. Then you can proceed to ask for a price structure and how they’ll be going about your motorcycle repair.

Is restoring an old motorcycle worth it?

Restoring an old motorcycle would cost you between $700 to $1000 depending on the experience and reputation of the repair shop as well as the extent of restoration to be done on the motorcycle. The parts of an old motorcycle are usually cheaper and easy to find online and it would cost you lesser money than getting an entirely new motorcycle.

How much does it cost to repair a motorcycle?

Small repairs or fixing of some small parts of the motorcycle does not cost much. You can expect to pay between $25 to $150 for such small repairs. However, you will have to pay a substantially greater amount for a much bigger repair or in a case where you want to do servicing. Generally, it is expected that motorcycles are serviced after 5000 to 20000 miles. And it costs about $1000 a year to repair it.

What is a motorcycle repair shop?

A motorcycle repair shop is a shop where all forms of motorcycle repair or maintenance can be done. If you’re looking to do regular checks or maintenance or there’s a part of your motorcycle that needs repair or changing, then you can consider taking it to a motorcycle repair shop to have it fixed.