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Top Food Products Supplier in Charlotte - 2023

LAST UPDATED 28 Sep, 2023
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List of the Top Food Products Supplier in Charlotte

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Southern Ice Cream Corporation is one of the first ice cream companies to be founded in Texas. Founder Stephan Feldman packed up his family and moved down to start an ice cream business, opening Southern's Houston location before expanding into North Carolina later on with success as owner/operator until 2006 when he retired after 30 years on both sides!
Stefano Foods are a company dedicated to making high-quality, convenient foods for all occasions. Their products include calzones and other tasty treats perfect as an appetizer or lunch specialties that can be made ahead of time then heated quickly in ovens when you're running low on time.
Established in 2006 as a division of Golden State Foods, Quality Custom Distribution Services (QCD) provides custom distribution services to iconic customers throughout the United States. Headquartered just outside Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and based out of Frisco Texas with 28 strategically located facilities across America's heartland this company specializes not only in food but also employs caring people who care about their work.
Lion King Food Service Distributes canned goods, sugar and rice to restaurants. They also provide poultry products like chicken wings for those who enjoy them as well as seafood ingredients that will be used in your favorite dishes! Lion-King has everything you need if running an eatery or catering event so stop by today before they run out of stock again.

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Dean Foods, the largest dairy subsidiary in America with 66 manufacturing facilities across 32 states and distributors all over. They are responsible for producing products such as milk drinks like chocolate or vanilla lattes; ice cream flavors which can be changed seasonally depending on what's in stock at your local store - they also produce yogurt!
Carolina Foods Incorporated is a privately owned company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of food products such as doughnuts, honey buns (including Duchess brand), cakes etc. Founded by Harry Covington back in 1934; he started it with only $500 dollars! Carolina foods inc has been around since before I was born so naturally.
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