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LAST UPDATED 20 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Family Service Center in Charlotte

Atrium Family Services is a full-service center that specializes in working on various issues, including work related stress. They offer both in home therapy sessions and walk & talk services for those who are unable to get out due physical limitations or just need some time alone while they’re feeling down.

Quality Family Services is a nonprofit organization that connects children to skilled Resource Families who are compassionate, understanding and nurturing. QFS provides the necessary support for families so they can be successful in reunification or permanent placement while also providing resources for transitioning into adulthood when appropriate.

Day by Day Family Services LLC is a Mental Health Agency that provides quality care for the consumers and families they serve. They recognize the need for structure, nurturing, healing through healthy living which promotes positive change in both new clients as well as returning ones!

The Charlotte Family Housing program is a shelter-to-housing for homeless families. The staff provides highly trained social workers and housing coordinators who partner with each family to find the best path towards obtaining long term, safe houses that they will then maintain themselves in order keep their children’s stability at its maximum level possible through education programs on topics.

The Children & Family Services Center is a five-story office building that houses partner agencies of the Charlotte Area non-profit sector. It opened in 2003 through an open public/private collaboration and provides shared space, technology, finance and HR services for these organizations who serve more than 198 600 children each year within Mecklenburg County (and across state lines).

Service Focus

JFS believes that a stronger, healthier Charlotte is one where individuals and families of all faiths can thrive. By providing exceptional support for their clients in order to empower them through healing connections with others who are going through similar challenges helps JF’s achieve its mission statement – “to strengthen the Jewish community.

Thompson Child & Family Focus is the premier provider of clinical and prevention services for children across North Carolina. The Charlotte-based nonprofit agency has provided therapy, education programs that promote family stability (such as early childhood development), mental health treatments like counseling or psychiatry to more than 13000 kids since its founding in 1968!

Pinnacle Family Services is a home for at-risk youth and their families. They offer therapeutic foster care, family preservation services in the form of onsite homes or community based programs that are designed to help you reach your full potential as an individual while staying safe from harm’s way.

Family First Community Services is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2006 to provide services for children and families living with mental health challenges. They are dynamic, providing programs designed specifically around each individual?? needs which has made them one of North Carolina’s premier providers on this topic area today.