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Charlotte Counseling and Wellness offers a variety of services to help people reach their full potential. Services include individual, couples/marital counseling; group programs such as Anger Management or Yoga classes for those looking to meet new friends while getting fit on the same day!

Service Focus

Child and Family Development- Pineville office are a multidisciplinary practice offering diagnostic, residential treatment services for Charlotte area children to help them overcome the challenges they face as well as set their paths forward. The team at our child development center has been providing this type of care since 1980.

Lisa Long, PsyD has over a decade of experience in the mental health field. She is an expert licensed clinical psychologist and provides quality services to clients around her area! Lisa Long, PsyD is a clinical psychologist and mental health service provider who has been in the field for over 20 years. A licensed practitioner with expertise to meet your needs

Thriveworks Charlotte Counseling is right for you because our practice was specifically designed to meet your needs in the most accessible way possible. Instead of leaving voicemails, getting on waiting lists and paying out-of-pocket we make sure that when ever somebody calls they get a live person who can help them as soon as possible!

South Charlotte Family Counseling provides professional therapy for individuals and families in Matthews, Indian Trail SC . We work with you to uncover your true potential so that together we can lead a life worth celebrating! You cannot change the past but at South Charlotte Family Counseling we do everything possible; using our unified approach–which starts by understanding negative perceptions held against one self.

At Dandelion, we are trained to diagnose ADHD and ASD in ALL areas including those who suffer from a lack of recognition or misdiagnosis. We work hard at being culturally inclusive while maintaining an awareness for people with these mental illnesses! At Dandelion, we are trained to diagnose ADHD and ASD in ALL areas including those who often go unnoticed or misdiagnosed.

Child & Family Development is taking all the necessary steps to keep our clients and staff healthy. We have started offering Virtual Office Visits for some services, so please reach out if you would like more information on that option! Child & Family Development is taking measures to keep our clients and staff healthy, including providing Virtual Office Visits.