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5 Star Auto Collision is the place to go if your car has been in any form of accident. They specialize in auto restoration, painting and window repair among other things! No matter what service you need for your vehicle they will provide high quality workmanship that gets it back on track again at an affordable price with quick turnaround time frames too boot?.

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Gibbon Tire & Auto! We’re always willing and excited for the chance of showing customers how much money they could save by getting repairs done here instead – trust us on this one; we know cars inside out (and up close).Don?? take chances with something as important as fixing up that old clunker in need or giving new life into a friend’s.

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Do auto body shops make money?
  2. How do body shops fix dents?
  3. Do dealerships do bodywork?
  4. Are dealership body shops better?
  5. How much does auto body work cost?
Do auto body shops make money?

Yes, of course. Auto body shops actually make money. The amount of money they make now depends on certain things. Large auto body shops make between $50,000 to $100,000 a year. Sale of parts is one of the numerous ways auto body shops can make money. This increases their income and also their profit margins. The amount of money made by auto body shops depends on level of expertise of labor, daily expenses, large expenses or expenditure, level of marketing directed at the auto body shops and lastly, how satisfied customers are when getting their cars or having their car damages fixed.

How do body shops fix dents?

An easy and cost effective way to go about it is the Paintless Dent Repair, also called PDR. This method of fixing dents involves the use of specialized tools by the technician to slowly push dents back to its normal form without affecting the factory paint or having to repaint the dented part that has been repaired. The Paintless dent repair is usually used for small dents and it is one of the cheapest ways of getting rid of dents on your car. Another process is the conventional dent repair and it is for larger dents. This process, unlike the paintless dent repair, would require painting after the repair. You need to see a technician to access the dent and the procedure to be used in repairing the dent.

Do dealerships do bodywork?

Most dealership shops are able to do body work for the brands and models they specialize in or sell. Since it’s the kind of cars they are used to, they’re able to repair any body work problems that come with such cars. They might not be too good when it comes to other makes or brands of cars they’re not specializing in or selling but as long as it’s a car and model sold by the same dealer, they’ll be able to fix it. In cases where they’re not able to get it done, they can outsource it to get the repair work completed.

Are dealership body shops better?

Not usually but repairing your particular brand of car? Yes, they can definitely be considered to be better. It is easier to get to know what is wrong with your car and also fix it with dealership body shops since they’re more knowledgeable about the brand of the car and are even conversant with new technologies, techniques or methods used in handling different problems relating to the brand of the car. They would normally have the latest equipment and expertise able to handle a variety of the brand car problems. They are more likely to find whatever is wrong with your car and suggest ways to go about fixing it since they’re more experienced than when you take the car to an auto body shop.

How much does auto body work cost?

There are five common auto body works; car door repair, suspension repair, car paint repair, bumper repair, and car window or windshield repair. The cost of each of these repairs are different depending on the kind of car, extent of damage and quality of material or product for repair.
The car door repair costs up to $1,500 or more for total repair while it can cost just around $350 to remove a dent.
Suspension repair costs are usually expensive especially if you’re repairing the whole suspension system. The cost of suspension system repair ranges from a thousand dollars to about $5000 depending on the type of car. If you’ll be repairing just the shock absorber, then you can expect a cost of about $300 to $1500 when it’s a non luxury car. The fee rises to over $5000 when it’s a luxury car.
Car paint repair costs from $300 to $1000 and can increase to about $2000 for a high quality paint job on your car.
Bumper repair costs are usually ranging from $180 to $600 for a dent while the cost of repairing or replacing the bumper can cost well over $2000.
For the windshield repair, it usually costs around $10 to $180 to repair a crack on the windshield. This also depends on the extent of damage. If you’ll be replacing the whole windshield, this will cost between $100 to $500 depending on the type of car. However, if your windshield is only available through dealerships, you’ll need to add a few hundred dollars in getting it. Repairing or replacing a car window ranges from $150 to $500 depending on type of car.