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Top Cannabis store in Detroit - 2023

LAST UPDATED 3 Dec, 2023
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List of the Top Cannabis store in Detroit

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Planet 313 is the go-to place for those looking to purchase cannabis products in Detroit. Whether you're after flowers, edibles or concentrates--they've got it all! With an extensive selection of vapes as well so that every experience can be personalized - this store will have something perfect no matter what your desired result might ultimately turn out being."
The company's culture is the backbone of everything they do as a medical marijuana dispensary. The respect for their craft allows them provide exceptional and affordable cannabis products without cutting corners, which are available in various forms such as flower or concentrates like waxes that can be heated up on demand with no waste .
The Detroit Reef Company is the largest and best provisioning center in all of Michigan! We offer free grams with your donation, so come see us today. In addition we have large couches for lounging on while watching TV or playing games console inside our spacious 5k sq ft space - not only does this provide relaxation but it's also good practice because when you're feeling bored just sit down here.
House of Dank is a provisioning center that offers the highest quality cannabis in Michigan. Each day, they help people design experiences tailored to their needs and provide assistance with green initiatives such as recycling programs for organic waste management practices at our locations across drop-off centers citywide!

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The people in Detroit are so passionate about their city and cannabis. They love the rich history, culture that it has to offer them as well! Stash Cannabis Company is proud of this great community we live among here at our store - thank you for being part ours too!!
At House of Dank Gratiot, we develop world-class cannabis flower & products and strive to make a lasting impact in Michigan and beyond. Our Gratiot location features a wide selection of flower, concentrate, edibles, CBD, and more. The team at House of Dank Gratiot knows about medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis & works hard to ensure every patient is receiving the perfect product for their specific needs.
Cloud Cannabis is a cannabis dispensary, but you don't see it here at LiveHigher. We're talking about elevating your life. Your health. Your enjoytion. Your productivity. All the stuff you want to take your life to the next level. To be the best version of you. We'll show you which cannabis product will give you the effect you want.
Green Genie is a cannabis dispensary that has been serving patients with more than they could wish for since 2015. We aim to please any patient's palate, whether it be our bud/edibles or concentrates; there are plenty of options here! When you walk through our doors (we hope), one member from team will take care facilitate your visit so all the best products can get into hands quickly and easily
THC Detroit is the go-to destination for all your cannabis shopping needs. If you're looking to buy wholesale, they have an extensive inventory with competitive pricing and excellent customer service that will make sure any order gets shipped quickly so it can get delivered right when needed most!
JARS Cannabis is committed to providing the best quality cannabis, with a wide variety of options at prices people can afford, making the integration of cannabis into their lifestyle easy and accessible. JARS Cannabis strive to provide a healthy, safe, and relaxing environment that provides a welcoming space for all people.
The Woods is a one-stop shop for all your marijuana needs. We carry flower, cartridges, edibles and more! Our knowledgeable staff can help you find exactly what's right based on preferences like flavor or effect desired; whether it be medicinal (tinctures) topicals/creams etc.), pleasure use only--we have something here that will suit any need
Meet your local, Michigan-based medical cannabis company in Bel-Air. Featuring an expansive product list and highly trained experts, our team is on call daily to ensure you find the perfect cannabis products to fit your need. We believe in the healing qualities of cannabis and we work hard so that it's simple for you bring home these products from us into yours at a moment's notice!