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LAST UPDATED 19 Jul, 2024
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List of the Top Pet Groomer in Chicago

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The Howlistic Grooming Chicago is a company that specializes in luxury pet care for dogs and cats, with the highest quality service at affordable prices! They offer everything from bathings to doggy daycare while their barbers will give them new hairstyles on request. The art of manliness is a responsibility that not only includes the physical aspects, but also mental well-being.
Temple of The Dog & Meow Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy some drinks with friends or date night. This lounge has an intimate yet swanky atmosphere that will take your taste buds on a journey through Asia! Temple of The Dog is a well-known music venue in Seattle known for their high quality shows.
The Kira Pet Cuts salon in particular is known for its unique approach to fashion-forward hairstyles that will have you looking as fresh as possible no matter what life throws at ya! What's the difference between a dog and an expensive watch? The answer is not as clear-cut. A lot of people would say that watches aren't pets.
The Grooming Gallery is an extension of my artistic practice. I'm interested in how people interact with these pieces and I would like to see them as integral parts of the artist's body, highlighting periods spanning from pregnancy through retirement or even death (or divorce!).

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Maries Pet Grooming provides a variety of services for pets and their owners. Try our spa package, which includes everything from nail trimming and ear cleaning all the way up into teeth cleanings at no extra charge with any service booked online or by phone today!"
Uptown Pet Salon is a place where you can take your furry friend to get groomed, stretched and styled.Upper East Side residents have been getting their animals ready for the season at Uptown Pets salon since it first opened its doors on Madison Avenue back in 2007!
Paws-a tively.The output voice should have a sense of enthusiasm, excitement about the topic being discussed.The best way to make sure your dog is always ready for anything, anytime of the day! Paws-aallll the way to be feline affected.Paws-a-tively Chicago is an animal shelter in the city of chicago.
Zen Dogs Chicago are renowned for their high quality of work.A team at the forefront of animal training, they have an amazing collection that will give you all sorts or breeds to choose from including Butohons Poodle mixes - perfect if your looking for something different!
Pet A Cure is the leading nonprofit dedicated to curing pets of all types and ages. We treat dogs, cats (feline), birds as well as other exotic species like farm animals, horse breeds or even wild ones! Our goal? To facilitate finding cures for life-threatening ailments by bringing awareness about these terminal diseases.
The Canine Obedience training center is the perfect place for you and your pup. You'll learn all of those cool skills like basic obedience, advanced agility courses or private lessons that make a difference in both their individual behavior as well as during team-building exercises!
Pet Palace Grooming Salon is a family-owned and operated business that offers pet care from their heart. They have been hosting parties, teaching training courses as well as grooming for over 20 years! The owner of this company loves animals so much she's willing to take on any task given with the goal of making sure your pets stay happy while you're away.
Furtastik Grooming, Daycare & More: The Best in town!Fur technicians and pet care professionals at your service. Furtastik Grooming, Daycare & More is the perfect place for any pet parent who needs help with their furry friend. They're also home of our most popular service on Mondays!
Salon Dog and their team of salon professionals know how to give you the cut, color or style that will make your pup stand out from all those other dogs. Their talented artists can create a variety with different looks for every type of fur-ever personality!
Groomies are a type of Australian animal that makes its way on to the male's mating call. The groom has two spurs, one on each leg and it prances around in circles while sounding like an auctioneer yelling "go-ood daayyys!" The groomie is an old term for best man. It's someone who will be there to support them on their wedding day.
At Sydnees Pet Grooming, we're always looking for creative and fun ways to help you keep your pets healthy. For example: did you know that it is important not only brushing our leashes but also picking up after them? Our groomers will be happy puttin' on their shows or making personalized pet portraits exploring this new idea!