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LAST UPDATED 1 Jul, 2022
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List of the Top Landscape Designer in Chicago

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City Escape Garden Center and Design Studio is a retail shop that can help you design your very own garden.The team at City EEscape has been designing gardens for over 15 years, giving them plenty of experience with different styles to create the perfect space for any home or business! With everything from containers on-site rentals available in various sizes all day every day.
At Natures Perspective Landscaping, we believe that every job is different and should be treated as such. That's why our team of landscapers can transform your home or business into a more beautiful place on the outside while adhering to all building codes inside!The quality workmanship you'll find at NPll will help improve curb appeal for years down the road with lasting results.
Heffernan Landscape Design is a team of designers, architects and craftsmen who have been in business for 17 years. They are committed to working with clients from conception through construction - creating one-of-a kind outdoor spaces that will fit your needs like no other landscaping company!

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Himsben Design Studio, LLC is a landscaping design and construction company that can help you create any type of walkway for your special occasion. We also offer outdoor kitchen installations perfect as an extension to the house or patio where people enjoy themselves during summertime with friends while cooking on grills!
R&G Almanza Landscape Inc. is a company that specializes in all forms of landscape architecture and design, from large scale projects such as golf courses to small town parks with walking trails for joggers or bikers alike! They work hard every day designing beautiful outdoor spaces where people want to be--whether it's at home relaxing by their swimming pool during summer months,
At Hoerr Schaudt, we design beautiful gardens that connect people to site and season. Gardens elicit joy, soothe our souls, and become places where we interact with each other; drawing upon centuries of time-honored tradition in horticulture - our work layers botanical silhouettes to shape space while creating settings which artfully blend the natural environment!
Square Root Garden Design, LLC is a horticultural service company based in Chicago.Their team has experience building gardens from the ground up and designing landscapes to appeal to both visitors and homeowners alike. Their goal is for you as their client not only get what you want out of your garden but also have an enjoyable process working with them on it!
"Joe Jrs Landscapes has been providing quality landscaping services to clients throughout the area for many years. With our expert crews, we can make your property look better than ever before!" "We offer a wide range of landscaping options including flower beds and lawn mowing."
Topiarius is not just a name for one of my clients, but it's also an app that'll help you create your own Italian dishes. The foods are based on regional preferences and inspired by old recipes passed down through generations--all with the use of local ingredients!
Ben G is the best landscaper in Town! I've seen him around and he always has such an amazing presence, so it's no surprise that his workmanship appears flawless as well. Whether you need help with your garden or want some new front lawns added to what already exists at home - Ben can do both without sacrificing quality of service for any one client.
Kemora is a design, build and maintenance landscape architecture firm located in Chicago. If you want to have the perfect outdoor space for your home or office Kemora can help turn that vision into reality! We offer not only design services but also carpentry work, seasonal annual rotations as well lawn care and snow removal.
Urban Roots Inc. is a landscaping and snow removal company geared towards giving people in under-served communities jobs to boost the economy of their city's neighborhoods. In Chicago, they plant trees on vacant lots that will bring life back into areas with little green space while also hiring local residents who can't find work elsewhere for much needed skills training opportunities.
Botanical Concepts is Chicago's premier botanical design firm, and one of the few companies that designs both outdoor spaces like gardens as well as indoor ones. Botanical Concepts has been designing some of the most beautiful estates in all of Chicagoland for over 20 years! For no other company can you find this balance between creative innovation and professionalism.
Lisa Creative Landscape LLC is the leading residential and commercial landscape design company in North America. Their expertise includes everything from attractive outdoor spaces for living or working - all to romantic gardens designed by skilled architects, designers, engineers who work with clients every step of their project journey (designing; implementation; maintenance).
Christy Webber Landscapes has been a trusted provider of Chicago with residential, commercial and municipal design programs. They offer all the services you need for your beautiful lawn or garden including the construction, landscaping crews to maintain what they've done before it becomes overgrown again.
Luxury Gardens is the destination for those looking to live luxuriously. Whether you are interested in an outdoor oasis, small backyard renovation or new living space outside of your home, Luxury Garden's team will guide you through every step of the design and installation process as they bridge nature with luxury living.