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LAST UPDATED 8 Dec, 2023
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List of the Top Labor Relations Attorney in Chicago

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HKM Employment Attorneys LLP is a national law firm that specializes in representing individuals and workers, not only across the United States but also for Federal Employees. They have many years of experience handling employment related legal issues such as discrimination by employers from all 50 states. Let HKM help you get started on your journey to achieving justice today!
Savine Employment Law, Ltd. A rare and valuable resource for employers who want to better understand their employees' perspective on workplace disputes that will be translated into more wins at an affordable price. A lawyer with decades of hands-on experience working around the globe shoulder-to-shoulder senior executives solving some of today's most tricky labor issues Gary brings his balanced perspective as well!
Kenneth A. Henry, attorney at law is an expert in the field of criminal defense and appeals for adults as well young people who have committed crimes but are still juveniles due to technical reasons like age or other factors which prevent them from being tried by adult juries so he helps these clients get their charges reduced or dropped completely through his experience.
Siegel & Dolan, Ltd. has a team of passionate attorneys that can help you with your career transition and challenges. The diverse backgrounds allow them to provide guidance effectively no matter what the case may be like or how complex it might seem at first glance!

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The Law Office Of Lori D Ecker is a full-service attorney and litigation firm, located in Orange County. They provide high quality legal services for individuals who have been injured due to another person's negligence or wrongdoing such as car accidents with injuries that may occur from being rear ended while driving your own vehicle - these types of lawsuits will require distinct strategies depending.
The Law Offices of Ruth Major is a law firm in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. With over 20 years legal experience and knowledge it has successfully worked on cases that have ranged from personal injury to property disputes. In every case The Law Firm will work diligently with each client's best interest at mind while providing high quality services all for an affordable price.

Law Office of Matthew

Service Focus
64% Consultation
20% Mediation
9% Legislative Hearings
6% Other
Service Focus
64% Consultation
20% Mediation
9% Legislative Hearings
6% Other
Law Office of Matthew Prengaman provides a decade's worth of legal experience to help you in your time of need. As an attorney, I will work closely with my clients and their cases; it is important that we are all on the same page when fighting for what seems like just one person: ourselves!
The Wood Law Office is a Chicago-based law firm that offers legal guidance and representation to employees' civil rights. The experienced team of attorneys, led by lead counsel J Bryan Wood - who has been featured on 60 Minutes for his work in protecting employee's rights against discrimination.
The Law Offices of David T. Grisamore is committed to providing quality legal services that will exceed your expectations and see you through every step on the path towards success and always stay true-blue no matter what happens along this journey called life. There are many personal injury attorneys in the US, but few with a background at law.
Werman Salas P.C., a Chicago-based Employment Law Firm serving and protecting workers across the United States has been representing people who have been wronged in their workplace for over 50 years. We fight to make sure that what happened never happens again," said Kevin Jolliffe!
Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. was started by attorney Alejandro "Alex" Caffarelli, who since 2001 has been proud to represent employees in a full range of employment disputes, as well as consumers victimized by oppressive or fraudulent business practices. Our practice ranges from recovering unpaid commissions and minimum wage claims to FMLA issues; no case is too big or small for us!
The Law Offices of Fern Trevino offers legal guidance and representation to Chicago-area executives, professionals, employees on select employment law matters. The firm does not represent employers but can offer knowledgeable counsel for difficult workplace issues that arise from the hiring process or general day-to-day operations within a company.
At Wessels Sherman PC, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best representation possible. We offer aggressive defense strategies that are sure win in court or on appeal so you can get back what's A few words about us: We are Wessels Sherman PC, a law firm that handles cases for people who have been wrongfully accused of crimes in California.
At FactorLaw, we understand that without our clients the firm would be nothing. We strive to make sure they are taken care of and valued every step along their journey with us because it's not just about them but also what they represent- Growth & Transformations for others like them!
Maduff & Maduff LLC is your one-stop shop for all of the high quality digital print needs that you could ever imagine. With an extensive product line, great customer service and quick turnaround times we're sure to have what it takes! Maduff & Maduff LLC is a full-service agency that offers account management, web design and development as well as professional photography.
The Halunen Law Firm is well known for their dedication towards helping others. They pride themselves in the knowledge that they can help you too, no matter what your situation may be or how difficult it seems to get by without legal representation!The team at The Halunen LLP wants everyone who needs assistance with any aspect of civil litigation.
The Law Office of Mitchell A. Kline is proud to provide knowledgeable representation in the areas of employment law and sexual harassment. With extensive credentials, we can create a winning strategy for your specific case needs with meticulous care for our clients