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List of the Top Forensic Consultant in Chicago

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The Chicago Mold & Toxicology Centre specializes in environmental health problems such as occupational exposure syndromes from power plant accidents due to lead dust which can cause permanent neurological damage; viruses that affect humans including swine flu pandemics where Havani labs were located before they were shut down by government order during the 2009 H1N1 outbreak.
Robson Forensic is a multidisciplinary firm that specializes in forensics.Technical experts at Robson are full time employees, who benefit from access to extensive technical libraries and state of the art inspection facilities along with validated equipment for their specific needs- this all enables them investigating cases 65k+ times since 1987!
Computer Forensics Resources has been providing high-quality computer forensics services since 2000. This experience allows us to very quickly analyze the data you send our way so that we can provide a final report with answers for your case, whether in court litigation or just trying to get information on what happened when something went wrong at work!
Rosemarie Urbanski, M.F.S., operates a complete forensic laboratory specializing in document examination and signature validation utilizing advanced digital computerized imaging equipment to include the Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparator which can differentiate ink as well as provide UV images of signatures for comparison against databases that list known counterfeits or alterations made by individuals seeking fraudulently altered documents!

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ELIJAH is a leading provider of digital forensics, cybersecurity, and information technology services. Led by its founder and CEO Andrew Reisman - an experienced litigation partner who has testified as an expert in computer forensics at the federal level - ELIJAH offers comprehensive solutions to organizations that are vulnerable to cybercrime or malicious insider threats.
The Sierra Forensic Group is an independent company that specializes in the field of forensics. They offer services like electronic security assessments, incident response and management for Fortune 500 companies as well as home-based businesses alike to ensure their clients are always protected against cyber threats
Enigma Forensics is a world-class forensics company that specializes in cyber security and data analysis.A leading provider of advanced digital investigation services, Enigmas core values are transparency, excellence through innovation; working with both law enforcement agencies (LE) & private organizations across all industries to provide insightful findings on matters relating internet safety or access rights violations within their own networks
TM Financial Forensics offers passionate consulting for all of your accounting needs including: -Bookkeeping Services (Information Technology or Accounting)-Fully Integrated Asset Management Solutions

Forensic Accounting Corp

Service Focus
52% Audit
0% Tax
28% Bookkeeping
20% Advisory
Service Focus
52% Audit
0% Tax
28% Bookkeeping
20% Advisory
Forensic Accounting Corp is a company that provides an incredible service. It helps entrepreneurs, business owners and investors with their financial data needs by providing accurate reports on anything from profits to debt levels- Forensic Accountants are highly trained experts who have many years of experience working in different fields related.
Tyger Forensics has the resources to take on any legal challenge. We offer consultation and best-in-breed technology driven solutions that help corporations drastically improve their data collection, eDiscovery workflow, risk management practices overall while comprehensively lowering expenses for law firms with minimalistic approach to projects as well!
Arcca Inc is a Chicago-based business that specializes in creating proprietary chemical compounds for the culinary arts. These chemicals are used to make foods like soy sauce, tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet Curry), wasabi paste with more than 5 variants available including yellow rice vinegar flavor; black truffle oil base sesame seeds or white wine respectively .
Great Lakes Forensic Experts, LLC is the full service collision reconstruction company you need. Our proven track record of honest and objective analysis brings our experts respect in both legal circles as well law enforcement communities around North America! While some firms may just give a brief overview on how they can help with your case.
Breakwater Forensics LLC is an international consulting firm that provides expert witness and business services for clients in the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific (including Australia), Latin America or any other region our team of experts may be working at present day. Our professionals specialize in investigation analysis quantification on behalf economic damages companies counsel.
At KDX Forensics, we have over 8 years of experience in Forensic Document Examination work on behalf of law enforcement and the United States Federal Government. From contract disputes to medical malpractice investigations- no matter what your needs may be; at Kdx you will find someone who has all the skills necessary for success!
Cendrowski Corporate Advisors is an expert in the fields of Forensic Accounting and Business Valuation. We offer our clients services ranging from financial statement analysis to litigation support, ensuring that your company's needs are met with unparalleled commitment throughout every stage of their journey as a client! CPA firm has over 25 years experience servicing businesses across all sectors including:
OMNI Enterprise, a global leader in document examinations. They have perfected the examination process to be an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses around the world to manage their paperwork securely with peace of mind that it will withstand any challenge or demand placed upon them by other parties involved within transactions throughout this economy's ever changing landscape