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LAST UPDATED 4 Dec, 2023
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List of the Top Family Counselor in Chicago

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At Family Counseling Institute, we believe in the power of family. We know that when members are feeling supported and secure they can be much stronger together than apart! Our team has decades experience working with children, adolescents & their families - all who suffer from emotional or behavioral issues such as depression or anxiety disorder.
The Family Institute is one of the leading relationship-based behavioral health organizations committed to strengthening and healing children, couples, families and individuals. They believe that a healthy family can be created through their dedication to helping people focus on relationships with themselves as well as others
Family First Domestic & Family Counseling Clinic is a counseling practice that has been offering services to residents in Chicago for over 20 years. They specialize in teaching skills needed to move past one's current circumstances and have the knowledge and experience necessary when it comes to helping people learn coping strategies or replacement behaviors.
Fleming Family Therapy, LLC is looking for an experienced therapist to join their growing practice in downtown Chicago. The job comes with employee status and the opportunity to grow from part-time work into full time employment as a therapist if desired. Fleming Family Therapy specializes in individual or couples counseling of all ages (teens through adults)!

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Flourish Counseling is a counseling and coaching practice that specializes in building trust, expressing passion for work/life balance while cultivating an environment of integrity. We help people create fulfilling careers through secure relationships with ourselves as well their coworkers or clients- all the way to manifesting abundance!
The individual and family connection with God is one that can't be replaced or ignored. The relationship between you, your spouse/partner-in-crime (or alone), parents etc., will always remain a centrality in life even when it may seem otherwise at times because no matter what happens we have someone who loves us unconditionally which means our lives are not completely deprived from happiness just yet!
CCFH is one of the foremost family therapy training institutes in today's world, renowned for its unique approach that focuses on resilience and strengthening families. They offer advanced courses which are designed to help mental health professionals better understand how they can best support their clients' needs when dealing with child!
Introspective Family Therapy is a place where you and your family will find healing, recovery, and hope. This multi-faceted space provides the support necessary to explore mental health through community building activities such as nutrition coaching sessions or fitness classes. Introspective also offers spiritual guidance from trained professional counselors in order for each individual client to understand how their spirituality can be incorporated into their own lives with ease.
Chicago Family Therapy is a health care organization that has your needs in mind. Contact us today so our qualified professionals can offer their services tailored specifically toward what best suits YOU - not someone else who doesn't know exactly how it feels like down here in these boots (or whatever).
Dr. Linda Robinson, an expert in the field of psychology with over twenty-five years experience as a practicing therapist and teacher at various universities all across North America (and beyond), will be delivering her latest seminar on "The Power Ofstorytelling" this Saturday morning beginning promptly at 9:30 am sharp!
DINK families have the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together. When a DINK family experiences difficulty, they can seek out therapy sessions that will help them work through problems without feeling alone in understanding what makes up their unique bond as well as preventing future issues from arising between parents or children due lack of open communication.
New Light is about to change the way you think of therapy forever. A new, innovative approach that offers hope and healing for all those who have been struggling with mental health problems- from individuals or families caught up in conflict to couples going through rough times because it's just not working anymore! Even if there are no overt signs right now.