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LAST UPDATED 30 Nov, 2023
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List of the Top Estate Planning Attorney in Chicago

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Chicago Estate Lawyers have assembled attorneys who focus at least 50% or more of their practice on estate planning with 10 years experience as a licensed attorney and are in good standing with the Illinois State Bar Association. Chicago-area residents can now get access to qualified lawyers for what may be one of life's most confusing processes: an individual's passing away!
Kumor Law, LLC is a small firm that has served the legal needs of victims since 1989.Mick Kumor founded his practice to help those who have been wrongfully accused or criminalized by law enforcement in New York City and throughout upstate counties near Utica including Oneida County where he grew up before attending Syracuse University College Of Law where graduated.
The Correa Law team understands that you are looking for a law firm committed to helping your family and business. We value the uniqueness of each individual client, which is why we take into consideration what matters most in planning out next steps with our clients--including how their legacy will be preserved or if they need help caring for loved ones after death.
Leon J. Teichner and Associates offers a free initial consultation to all of their potential clients who are looking for representation in one or more areas, such as criminal defense. Attorney Leon Teichner has been practicing law since 1997 after graduating from the University of Akron School of Law with honors.

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Edelson Law, LLC is committed to providing the highest standard of legal representation for all clients.The attorneys at Edelson have over 100 years combined experience fighting tooth and nail against unfairness in this great country so they can help those who need it most! They fight tirelessly on behalf not only themselves but also their family members as well.
M&A lawyers at the M & A Law Firm offer their clients a wide range of services in mergers and acquisitions. For more information about this company, contact them today by phone or online here: https://www2s3kurlthis1 link . These attorneys have helped many companies around Florida successfully navigate through deals that are often complex due to regulations put into place for protection purposes."
Ezzi Law is an expert in the field of family law. Our knowledgeable team will provide you with all your legal needs, including divorce mediation or representation for cases that arise throughout California Perhaps the only thing more important than hiring a lawyer is understanding what they do. While some people think that good lawyers are born instead of made,

Metz + Jones

Service Focus
26% Division Of Assets
12% Child Custody
20% Separation
42% Child Support
Service Focus
26% Division Of Assets
12% Child Custody
20% Separation
42% Child Support
Metz + Jones will help you overcome your struggles in the LGBTQ community. We have lawyers that can cover every aspect of this niche, including real estate law and adoption for same-sex couples. Transgender rights are up to date with the changes going on right now as well!
Gurney Law Group, LLC has the experience and sophisticated legal advice needed to guide you in this dynamic real estate market. We counsel you through everything from purchases and sales to management or evictions all with your needs at heart. Nobody likes thinking about death, but it's something everyone should plan for if they want their wishes fulfilled when a time comes that is too soon expected.
The Peck Ritchey law firm has been recognized for their excellent work in a variety of different areas, ranging from basic estate planning to complex litigation. The attorneys at the Chicago-based company have over 100 years combined experience and are dedicated to providing legal representation with compassion and understanding.
At Bell & Shah, our team of highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services for you. We have an experienced group that includes multiple award winning attorneys with decades worth knowledge in their field which they use on every case we take together!
Hays Firm LLC is a law firm that strives to help its clients protect themselves from any potential conflict and give them the legal advice they need. The attorneys at Hays work with both individuals and businesses in order to solve problems related to estate planning, asset protection, small business operation strategies etc.
The law firm of Sexauer, P.C., has offices in New York City and Los Angeles with an additional satellite office located on Wall Street as well as representation throughout the country through its partnerships across various fields including entertainment law which features their own celebrity clientele list that includes Jennifer Lopez Valderrama among others!
Brabender Law is a founding member of the Chicago Tenants Association, and has been working to protect tenants' rights in Illinois for over 30 years. Drawing from their decades-long experience as tenant advocates, they offer representation on matters such as unlawful entry into rental property or inappropriate lease terms that violate state law.
Jayaraman Law is still here for you. Our team is following the Executive Order from the Governor of Illinois to effectuate Estate Plans remotely in order to meet with those who can't make it into an office due unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or civil unrest, but we want them know that they're not alone either way!
The Theresa Clancy Law Firm is a group of dedicated professionals who will provide you with the best representation. We are here to represent your interests and protect what matters most in life, be that family or property; we simply can't lose perspective on this!
Bradford Miller Law, P.C.: A provider of legal services in the United States for over three decades with offices located throughout California and Florida (and more).The attorneys at Bradford Miller handle all aspects related to their client's cases including divorce mediation-litigation through trial -you name it! They will get the job done right when you need them most because that is what we do here;
John J. Pembroke & Associates LLC serves clients to enhance their workplace environment, create a more productive and efficient workforce for all employees by increasing engagement among the team members through facilitation skills development workshops as well as advocacy on behalf of those who suffer harassment or discrimination at work due in part.
WhiteheadFink Elder Law, LLC is a small law firm that specializes in all aspects of elder law. Practice areas include probate, guardianship and trust administration for both the living and deceased as well as estate planning before death to ensure your assets are distributed according to what you want after passing away or become incapacitated due age-related issues such as dementia.