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LAST UPDATED 28 Nov, 2023
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List of the Top Drug Testing Service in Chicago

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DNA Diagnostics Center, a Chicago-based company that has been in the DNA testing field since 2002 and is accredited by AABB (The American Association of Blood Banks), specializes in paternity tests. We treat every client with care and respect because we know each situation is unique and personal; our commitment is to help you find answers wherever they may be found!
TrueTest Labs is a comprehensive and cost-effective facility with certified technicians to provide you fast, accurate results. We offer the following services: drug testing for transportation, health care, manufacturing industries; DNA screening for various needs such as ancestry research or immigration purposes; clinical wellness tests including blood pressure checks and cholesterol screenings at your convenience in our clean facilities.
Fastest Labs of Northwest Chicago is here to provide you with quick, accurate testing. We specialize in alcohol and drug screenings so that all results are reliable no matter what! Our laboratory has been certified by the U.S Department Health & Human Services (HHS) for accuracy standards as well as security measures which meet FDA guidelines - this means your information will be secure!
Uptown DUI services reserves the right to cancel your appointment before it begins. If this happens, we will refund 100% of your money except for travel expenses if an impromptu meeting was set up with one of our representatives at a location not within walking distance from where they normally pick people up/park cars etc.

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InOut Labs offers a wide range of services, from basic drug testing to criminal background checks. They work with employers to maintain safe and productive workplaces for all employees by providing them the resources they need as well as complete confidentiality when required. InOut Labs is an excellent resource for your workplace needs! Employers can count on InOut Labs' reliable service which includes random drug tests
USDTL is the laboratory of choice for those who need to know what's in their drugs or alcohol. They have a long list of niche areas, including forensic drug and alcohol testing. The company has been given permission by many regulatory agencies all over North America because they're one stop shop when it comes time for advanced specimens such as umbilical cord tissue meconium!
IDTS, Inc. is a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing for business and industry on the national scale! We administer DOT tests as well as providing personal/individual services including medical review officer (MRO) services which are all DHHS-approved labs that provide complete turnkey solutions with over 12,000 collection sites across the country to support you when you need it most.
LabCorps work is all about harnessing science for human good. They do this by providing answers to health questions, if it means advancing diagnostic testing as well as helping launch new drugs. But they don
ALIA Drug Testing is the only way to ensure complete security and anonymity when it comes time for your next drug test. Whether mandatory or voluntary; whether in a managerial position--small business owner-, being tested by ALIADT should feel confident knowing their privacy has been protected from prying eyes!
Med-Stop is an advanced, secure management system designed to help companies and individuals comply with DOT regulations. With over 15 years of experience Med-stop has been trusted by thousands of employers as a great way to document their employee's medical history in accordance with the guidelines set forth by various governing organizations such as government agencies or company policies
BriTesting has been a trusted partner for drug testing in L.A County and beyond since 2010, providing personal anonymous tests to clients ranging from the local court system all the way down to DOT-regulated organizations with ease through 7 days per week availability via technicians who are ready at your service!
Quest Diagnostics is a biomedical company that seeks to empower people to take action in order improve health outcomes. They derive their results from the world's largest database of clinical lab tests and use this information, among other things, for detecting diseases early on so they can better be treated or even prevented altogether.
Discounted DNA paternity testing is an affordable way to find out if you are the father of your child. Choose from a variety of tests and compare them with other options for finding this answer before making any decisions about what test to take, or how much it will cost!
Triplex Screening Corp is a background screening company that helps businesses find the best possible tenants. They provide Tenant and MedEx Complete (Health Care Industry), Business Credit Reports as well as Motor Vehicle Report from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA). Employment business credit ratings are also available for an extra fee.