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List of the Top Architect in Chicago

The Goettsch Partners’ design approach is singular: a combination of seasoned experience and bold creativity. They can do anything, but the end result always has an unmistakable signature that’s celebrated for its technical craftsmanship. The firm doesn’t limit itself to one region or type; they’ve completed projects in five different continents with diverse types and sizes.

Sky Architect is a young Rotterdam-based band. As certified architects with the technical proficiency to pull off anything it wants flawlessly, Sky will lay down an immaculate design then allow nature – rain or sunshine -to flow through its foundations of songs.

HKS Chicago is a design company established in 2011 that provides award-winning services to the health, commercial and residential markets. As an organization which believes that design should improve people’s lives by making them healthier, HKS collaborates with community organizations such as the Chicago Public Schools and Illinois Green Alliance through its WELL gold certified office space designed for sustainability purposes.

Founded in 2003, SPACE Architects + Planners is a collective of design professionals with the same vision. These designers have grown into one of Chicago’s most respected firms through hard work and uncompromised attention to detail. Their working philosophy revolves around humble team-based efforts that put their clients’ needs first by coming up with innovative methods for smarter designs and collaborations.

JGMA is a Chicago-based architecture and design practice committed to thoughtful, collaborative work that impacts peoples’ lives. We understand the unique power of our profession in shaping civic life; this informs how we approach projects at all scales for both public and private clients.

STL is a collaborative group of design professionals with a common vision and an unparalleled drive for creativity. Founded in 1996, STL has been designing landmark projects across the Midwest while maintaining its home base in Chicago. Led by Luis Collado, Jose Luis de la Fuente and Tracy Susanne Salvia, this firm designs spaces that are not only visually stimulating- they enrich lives!

Joel Berman Architecture & Design, Ltd. is a Chicago-based architectural firm that has been creating innovative designs for all types of buildings since 1995 with freehand 3D sketches and digital modeling software like Building Information Modeling (BIM). They have designed retail stores, restaurants, bars and taverns to multi-unit residences in addition to capital studies.

Studio Gang is an architectural and urban design firm headquartered in Chicago with offices all over the world. Studio Gang was founded by Jeanne Gang, a famous architect who has won multiple awards for their work including being named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People In Business 2013.

OKW Architects strives to develop meaningful relationships with our clients as the foundation of everything we do. Our goal is always to serve you, and we’ll never stop thinking outside the box or imaginative spirit! Combined this translates into mutually successful outcomes for all stakeholders involved in your project.

The architecture firm of Vladimir Radutny Architects is both idea and experience driven, relying on imagination to identify the creative nuances within each project. The design process relies heavily on iteration in order for their projects to grow into meaningful solutions that can alter space as well change perception.

Chicago architects are paving the way to a sustainable future. The Windy City was home to one of the earliest skyscrapers, and since has been on the cutting edge in design innovation with eco-friendly practices and smart city designs while also exploring new ways for people interact with urban spaces.

PMPC Architects is a full service design firm that takes on all kinds of projects. Whether you are looking to create the most beautiful home or office, they have someone for you! They strive to maintain an atmosphere where everyone can learn and share ideas with one another in order to help their clients grow as well.

Cordogan Clark is a full-service architectural, planning, engineering and construction firm with deep experience in educational, commercial, institutional. Mental health facilities are one of our specialties – we have an extensive background in the design and technical development of building systems and management complex projects to ensure they meet stringent requirements for safety while providing cost effective solutions that provides comfort to patients.

Ross Barney Architects is an architecture studio that has begun to become known for their work in the public realm. They are responsible for designing community buildings, campus structures and transit stations that have been turned into icons of different neighborhoods. Ross Barney Architects’ unique place within contemporary practice makes them a firm worth watching out this year!

FitzGerald has a portfolio full of master-planned communities, numerous new low-, mid-, and high-rise residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities. The firm’s clientele ranges from national bank chains all the way down to not for profit developers; government agencies such as Metra are one example of their clients who rely on FitzGerald’s skillset which includes providing architectural.

Senga Architects is a Chicago based quality modern architecture firm that creates spaces to their best form for the client. At Senga Architect’s collaborative design process it easy to talk with them through your ideas which generate creativity and create an environment where everyone can be fully satisfied by the end result.