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LAST UPDATED 23 Sep, 2021
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List of the Top Advertising Agency in Chicago

Havas Chicago is a creative advertising agency that specializes in developing quality brands and products. Havas Chicago has been committed to building up meaningful brands through culture-driven creativity since 1982 when they opened their doors as an ad agency after being founded at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism decades earlier during World War II.

Leo Burnett Worldwide is one of the world’s largest networks of agencies with 85 locations around the world (from Paris all aboard) including more than 800 creative teams generating work on behalf some 500 clients worldwide – like Allstate Insurance Company or General Motors Corporation — Leo Burnet’s mission statement reads: “We extend our belief in human nature by seeking out what people care about most.”

Mekanism is a fiercely independent ad agency that blends creativity and performance to build great brands. We call this approach Soul + Science, with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Seattle serving as collaborative business partners for some of the world’s best-known brands including Peloton, Ben & Jerry’s, Jose Cuervo, MolsonCoors Alaska Airlines, Charles Schwab and OkCupid.

Plan B is a hyper-efficient blend between broad-based brand stewardship and project based executional expertise across many highly specialized fields such as branding and advertisement with more service options like digital marketing or virtual event production . The company’s main goal: being results driven without sacrificing client satisfaction.

Sparkfactor is Chicago’s most innovative and visionary design-driven advertising agency. We work with companies of every size, from small startups to national brands. Our goal: help our clients grow their business by creating strategies that will hone in on the target audience while captivating them at first sight through creativity and innovation.

AbelsonTaylor is the agency that can imagine with you. With over 30 years of experience in marketing, advertising and design combined, we offer expertise to make your company stand out from the competition. AbelsonTaylor, our Return On Imagination is part-and-parcel with everything from creative strategy to results driven marketing.

Two by Four is a company that helps brands evolve what they’re all about. For us, the whole idea of an “about” page goes against this principle because branding can always be evolving and changing to reflect what customers need from it at any given time.

CA Branding is a team of talented and passionate marketers with an eye for business. Our marketing strategy has proven successful time and again, catapulting businesses forward by unearthing big insights from even the smallest details in our work–making us addicted to this craft that we’re so good at.

Zoom Digital has been a trusted, full-service Advertising Agency for over 30 years to the automotive industry. We are experts in not only digital marketing but also branding and building relationships with our clients so we can better understand their needs. Zoom is well versed on how different social media platforms work and will create a tailored plan that suits your business’s specific needs!

C-K is one of the largest independent, totally integrated agencies in the country with over $500 million in billings and 69% of their revenue coming from digital. With a mission to Make friends not ads®, they have built an impressive reputation for changing perception and behaviors that lead to purchasing action for brands like Porsche or Corona which had seen 10 years consecutive growth under C-K’s guidance.