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Last Updated October, 18, 2020

Why These Business Plan Writers?

Wimgo uses a multi-phase selection process beginning with a holistic review by our data team to check any red flags or unresolved complaints. It then selects its curated list using its expert review team on five main criteria listed below, assigning them numerical values. Finally, it selected the top 21 Business Plan Writers for San Jose, ca.

1. Reputation

Analysis of all reviews across verifiable platforms to determine overall sentiment.

2. Expertise

Team experience and knowledge, along with number of years in business.

3. Service Quality

The quality of service delivered measured by quality, speed, and value.

4. Consistency

Rate at which the business consistently produce high quality outcomes.

5. Customer Service

Reputation and quality of customer experience departments.

Top Ranked San Jose Business Plan Writers

Pro Business Plans

For more than a decade Pro Business Plans has been preparing, financial models, pitch books, and market research. Their Dallas Business Plan Writers has experienced team has vast diverse expertise on various filed of business planning including marketing, writing, strategic partnership, management, research, and finance. The business plan procedure is premeditated for adjacent and ongoing alliance intended with your team.

Innerplum Consulting

Innerplum assist link consumers to their products and ensure that your busines is operating smoothly. Innerplum is a strategic and research consulting agency that assists startups, minor and medium-sized organization in B2C and B2B across several verticals. At Innerplum their wealth experience include: Business Strategy, Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Product Marketing and Development, and Market Research.

Mackin Talent

Mackin is a global consulting business agency that is challenging organizations to overlook how they establish their workforce. They have established offices in seven countries which provides you with access to talent globally. From international big tech companies to local startups, Mackin works with businesses of all sizes to establish programs that meet business needs and attain objectives. They have expertise in numerous industries such as cyber security, engineering, information technology, marketing and design, health and safety, and compliance.


NNRoad is a cross-border market entry partner based in California, USA. They are a one-stop solution for HR, company formation, and legal administration needs when expanding into new markets. They offer top-quality employment solutions, company formation, payroll services, statutory benefits administration, visa processing, and accounting services. NNRoad is dedicated to identifying, analyzing, and qualifying local, trusted partners suitable for global businesses to provide you with first-rate service, dependable delivery, and quality work.


GrowthPlug was established in Silicon Valley to help healthcare practices become modern, efficient and grow online by delivering a patient first experience. GrowthPlug is proud to have helped hundreds of different types of healthcare practices across US who rely on them daily. They are the best when you need a company that will ensure your organization becomes modern and efficient.

Advanced Business Solutions | SAP Partner

Advanced Business Solutions is consultancy agency company with expertise on advancement of business processes for small to mid-size organizations through the deployment of state-of-the-art business management solutions. ABS has implemented cutting-edge software solutions that are all-inclusive in catering for the needs of businesses since inception. Their knowledge-based method towards proffering software solutions that solve complex business challenges is pertinent to their fast-paced growth and emergence as an innovation leader in the technology industry.

ExecTech Management Consulting

ExecTech business strategies, dental office training, dental marketing expertise, and office management systems are implemented through their customized Consulting and Coaching services. ExecTech’s consulting program includes personalized, on-site, one-on-one services to help practice owners implement the improvements they need to reach their goals. Their purpose is to help practice owners increase profit and reduce stress.


Deloitte has more than 100,000 specialists,that offer audit and assurance, tax, consulting, and risk and financial advisory services to a broad cross-section of the largest corporations and governmental agencies. Their audit and assurance services can help organizations see further and deeper into their businesses. From enhancing trust in the companies we audit to assisting organizations in meeting the assurance demands outlined in regulations and standards.


Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Their consulting solutions span critical business problems in technology, business process, analytics, risk, compliance, transactions and internal audit. They are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce of professionals that share the common value of collaboration.

8works Consulting

OLIVER WYMAN assist their clients quickly adapt to address their most critical business challenges to attain the results that matter most. By uniting deep expertise with the power of co-creation, they establish and accelerate unprecedented business impact. Using techniques such as co-creation and design thinking, they unlock wisdom, create agility, and equip their clients to engage and get the best out of their people.

SCORE Mentors Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley Chapter of SCORE has about fifty members devoted to help small businesses to grow and prosper. Their volunteers are experienced business people with diverse backgrounds. Many started and grew their own successful businesses; some were corporate managers and executives; and others have experience with nonprofit organizations or government contracting.

ActionCOACH of Santa Clara

ActionCOACH is a nationally recognized business coach and executive coach, employee engagement expert, and owner of the award-winning ActionCOACH Business Coaching agency. Joe has collaborated with multi-billion dollar companies in strategy, growth, sales, marketing, operations, and team building. He major in working with the CEO and Executive Teams for exponential growth by focusing on the 5 Disciplines that serve the key constituents a company requires to become sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and emotionally connected to your customers.

Emerge Business Consulting

Emerge business consulting is an organization that mainly deals with sage 100 ERP and 100c,sage 300 ERP and 300c, sage 500 ERP , Acumatica, sagelive, sage CRM, sage HRMS and sage FAS. It is happy to to see organization realize their dreams. Its main objective is see businesses move to the next level. They largely deal with software selection, implementation and system support to to proving training customization, consulting, educating and maintenance.

Amy Applebaum

Amy Applebaum is a business that help people with coaching services from money to health to business and beyond. With its main aim of setting standards in the industry in the world of words and dream. It offers female entrepreneurs with ideas and skills to be the leaders in the business and financial market so as to control the economy at large.

San Jose

ABC San Jose – Advertising Business Consultants

Advertising Business Consultants is an organization entity dealing with network of marketing, media, creative and advertising professionals from many settings and experiences. It majorly deals with Radio, Television and online integration. It always provides a good network system for its clients to enable them do their operations with easy and comfort.

Transworld Business Advisors of San Jose

Transworld Business Advisors is an organization that link up sellers of busines entities with respective buyers of business organizations. It acts as an intermediary in the market between buyers and sellers of businesses. It also provides vital information to both the sellers and buyers of business so as to help them in decision making and price evaluation of entities.

Giant Creative Services Inc

Giant creative shines is an organization that focuses on planning special events and festivals from the idea of design to production, vendor coordination, music booking, event management and permitting. It bases its operations in cultural and civil development, specialization in vibrant place-making in the cities and towns. Its main aim is to assist clients in transferring ideas into fruitful outcomes.

Miramar Hospitality Consulting

Miramar Hospitality is an organization dealing with hotel management and consultation services, its widely known and has widely worked with all major hotel brands and recognized by clients such as Wells Fargo, Equitable and Aetna plus other small individuals. It also provides hotel operation to revenue planning to marketing and strategic planning solutions

Padgett Business Services San Jose

Padgett Business services is an entity that focuses on assisting other business with management services so as to make those business reach new standards. It takes the burden and stress of running small business for others and also help the manager of small business with some of the best managerial skills.

Bain & Company

Bain and company is an entity that tackles problems affecting industries by highlighting the problems and their unique approach to change helps them to solve the problem faced. Its a large consultancy organization that helps the worlds most innovative individuals archive their long term dream. It has expertise that have skills in problem solving

Aon Consulting

AON is a risk and re-insurance entity that focuses on empowering economic and human possibilities for its customers, colleagues and communities of the globe. it provides risk management, risk advisory, risk transfers, structured solutions, retirement and health solutions to its clients that assist the entities and clients better identity and manage their risk exposure.

Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. Are business plan writers the same as business plan consultants?
  2. Are business plan writers worth it?
  3. How do business plan writers work?
  4. How much do business plan writers charge?
  5. How long does it take to create a business plan?
  6. What questions should I ask a business plan writer?
  7. Can a business plan writer help me raise funding?
  8. What things should I look for when hiring a business plan writer?
  9. Should I get a business plan or a pitch deck done?
Are business plan writers the same as business plan consultants?

A business plan writer A business plan writer is one that creates a detailed description of a business’s plan for staffing, hiring, quality assurance, organisational and operational structure, user navigation, customer service and more.

A business consultant offers an analysis of the existing practices of a business, whilst making recommendations for improvement. A business consultant typically specialises in a single area of business management, something like human resources.

The definition shows that there is some overlap in regards to the duties and responsibilities they both offer, however, the major aim of a consultant is to aid you in understanding the organisational process of your business, creating your business model and even aiding you when it comes to raising money.

Are business plan writers worth it?

Business plan writers tend to concentrate on the writing of business plans and the preparation of any necessary final documents. A business plan writer’s job is typically limited to amalgamating the necessary words to compile a promising and attractive business idea. The truth is, you do in fact, need a business plan writer if you have a rough business plan created and require a mix of convincing words to present your ideas to investors, partners or even banks. So to sum it all up, if you are interested in raising money, then having a business plan writer is definitely worth it.

How do business plan writers work?

The role of business The role of business plan writers is to help conduct market research for your business, work with you in order to develop the most effective strategies which can be used to grow your business, and create financial projections for your business. Every one of these duties culminates into developing a plan that is geared towards your business’s target audience.

How much do business plan writers charge?

The amount business plan writers tend to charge is influenced by a host of factors. For one it could be the type of plan you need. There are plans that can be as simple as an executive summary coupled with a financial worksheet, while others can be more than 50 pages with numerous years of financial projections.

Business plans written by some business plan writers can cost thousands of dollars, however, it is also possible to get business plans for as low as $1,500.the more complicated plans tend to range into the high thousands, depending on the type of business plan writer writing the plan.

How long does it take to create a business plan?

If your business plan writer is a one man team, then you can expect it will take anything from a month to 8 weeks to create a business plan. This takes into account other factors such as if the business plan writer in question or the team has the required experience. A great business plan does not mean just the plan itself, it also involves being able to transform validated assumptions into a clear strategy that investors can buy into once they are shown.

What questions should I ask a business plan writer?

When searching for a business plan writer there are a couple of questions you need to ask. For one, you need to ask just how much experience that business plan writer has, if they have been writing business plans for a number of years or if they are just starting out. Another question you have to ask is what the business plan writer’s track record is like. You really do not want to employ the services of someone that hasn't created a business plan that has delivered.

One of the keys to having an effective business plan is having one that involves adequate market research. Your chosen business plan writer has to have access to the necessary market research for your business. The last question to ask your prospective business plan writer is what the writing team consists of. You will need knowledgeable hands to create your business plans, individuals such as industry experts, financial experts, and any other necessary subject matter experts.

Can a business plan writer help me raise funding?

While the main aim of a business plan writer is to provide you with a well-crafted business plan, it is possible that an additional funding service can also be added to that of business plan creation. It is important to note that this is only possible if the business plan writer in question is a licensed investment banker, specifically with both a Series 7 and 63 designations.

What things should I look for when hiring a business plan writer?

When searching for a business plan writer, you should always consider a few factors such as if the business plan writer has prior experience in raising funds. This could be either directly as a licensed investment banker or indirectly as their written business plan has provided investment to the business in questions. You also have to take into account if they have any previous entrepreneurial experience. Whilst this is not mandatory, such experience can provide an added outlook into what you require from your business plan writer. This is because they understand the business layout and are much better placed to provide the necessary information.

Should I get a business plan or a pitch deck done?

It is actually possible for you to get both a business plan and a pitch deck done if the situation calls for it. That being said, it is important to note that a business plan and a pitch deck have different setups, so they should be treated differently. If you are looking to have a potential client, partner or virtual capital investor learn more about your company, a pitch deck would be the most ideal situation. However, a business plan should be seen as a sort of guide or road map to your business and what you would like to achieve within a certain period of time.