Top Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Los Angeles - 2022

LAST UPDATED 24 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Los Angeles

You want a floor that’s as beautiful and lasting to your home, but it needs some tender loving care. You’ll find this at Hardwood Revival where we take pride in giving our clients what they need for their floors so they can enjoy them just like you do!

Juarez Hardwood Floor Specialist is a locally owned and operated company. We pride ourselves on our personalization services, which we’ve developed over 28 years of experience in the industry to provide quality materials with excellent customer service for all types of flooring needs!

Our hardwood floors are made from the finest materials and we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you want us install new oak flooring in Northridge,CA or give existing wood something extra with our refinishing services- Lara Wood Floor can help!

Master Flooring is Los Angeles

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We pride ourselves on offering very high-quality hardwood flooring and services at competitive rates. Prime Hardwoods Floors has been a family run business since 1980, with years of experience in the industry under its belt as well as strong work ethic that will never let them down!

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At CMC Hardwood Floors, we LOVE what we do and believe that working with hardwood floors is a true craft. Our company was founded by Marcos Proti who started his career in the industry on Martha

We pride ourselves on offering very high-quality flooring and services at competitive rates. We’re a family-owned business that was founded in 1987, we have years of experience with refinishing floors for both commercial or residential spaces as well as installations – all while maintaining our reputation for excellence!

Here at Coastal Wood Flooring, we offer the best hardwood floors and moldings from around the world. We not only guarantee our lowest wholesale prices for all types of wood flooring but also have a 100% satisfaction policy with your purchase!

Prime Hardwood Floors is a family-owned and run business that specializes in flooring. They have years of experience, as well as maintaining high standards for their work ethics and reliability to ensure you get the best value possible on your next project! Prime offers many different types of wood floors including hardwood floors with quality service at competitive rates–what are they waiting for?

Custom Hardwood Flooring Los Angeles is committed to providing top-of-the line hardwood flooring services. We have been serving our community since 1994, and we are always looking for new ways of helping people with their residential or commercial wood projects!

Trust Hardwood Floor has been in business since 2001, and we’re proud of our many California clients for their loyalty. Our reputation as the best flooring company is built upon integrity; reliability ensures you get what your project needs from start to finish – whether that’s selecting materials or giving feedback on design ideas (as long they meet these guidelines). Careful attention paid by us means happy customers!