Top Venture Capital Company in Los Angeles - 2022

LAST UPDATED 22 Jan, 2022
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List of the Top Venture Capital Company in Los Angeles

Casa Verde was one of the first funds established to focus on legalizing and investing in cannabis. We believe this industry represents an opportunity for investors like us, who recognize that we live in a new age where change is constant but innovation still possible.

Los Angeles

ScOp is a venture capital company that helps companies scale. Now, you’ve created an opportunity by solving important problems for your customers and want to take it one step further with some help from our team of experts in financing & advisory services (among others).

Los Angeles

East Los Capital is the leading private equity firm in its industry and has been backed by some of today’s most innovative companies, like Apple. They invest with a focus on technology-driven innovation that can make an impact around the world through their operations expertise coupled with talent from all over: East LOS stands for “East Location.”

We’ve been through it all. We know what makes a great company and we have the connections to back it up! We’ll help you build something amazing – from scratch or as part of our portfolio companies that are scaling quickly across industries right now like ecommerce, media startups etc..

Fika Ventures is an LA-based seed fund that invests in founders solving meaningful, systemic problems through the use of data and related AI-enabled technologies. Focusing on horizontal activities like enterprise software or fintech has given them a unique ability to be fairly sector agnostic while still investing primarily within these areas; they also look for marketplaces startups who can serve as alternatives when others fail (such as Uber).

Trousdale Ventures is on a mission to empower everyday individuals by improving their health, happiness and productivity. The privately-held firm takes an approach that’s hands-on with each of its investments; it also ensures companies are successful through strategic partnerships–drawing upon extensive experience in industry pioneers for synergistic teams at every step along the way .

Flux Capital is a venture capital fund focused on finding and funding winners in winner-take all markets. The end result of our focus market? A concentrated group controlling most or all share while maintaining healthy steady state margins, often coupled with outsized returns as compared to conventional perfect competition environments out there today!

Los Angeles

Upfront Ventures is deeply devoted to equality, both on our own team and with the companies we fund. We are actively committed as a company for diversity across all identities – not only because it is patently right thing do but also because diverse teams make better businesses!

Los Angeles

Generation Commercial Capital is committed to providing our clients with the best commercial financing options available in today’s market. Our primary focus is on programs that are in line with client vision and overall objectives, so we offer short term loans for temporary working capital needs as well long-term solutions like mortgages or equipment leases/purchases depending upon what you’re looking for.

Alpha Edison uses AI and behavioral science to unlock new markets for early stage companies. They do this by using data, insights from the market as well as their own knowledge of what will work in an effort that can help entrepreneurs make better decisions about scaling enterprise across multiple industries.

Ladder Ventures is a family office based in Silicon Valley that provides seed funding to promising startups. Our goal is not only help grow your company, but also get involved with each subsequent round of investment and provide guidance on how best move forward from there!

Los Angeles

We are the operators, entrepreneurs and sustainability experts with a long history in food production. Partnering with companies to provide breakthrough technologies for an improved ecosystem of farming is our mission – one which drives outsized returns by prioritizing both human health alongside environmental well-being. We founded Acre on this thesis because driving positive change will result in greater profits while also being good business!

Los Angeles

LDR is a female-led, Los Angeles based consulting firm that helps female entrepreneurs raise funds and develop successful businesses. Lately there has been an increased demand for Ledyard Retail Group’s services as more women are taking control over their destiny by running small or large operations in various industries including consumer products & services – where we specialize!

?Archer Venture Capital is a highly specialized investment company that specializes in identifying promising entrepreneurs and assisting them on their journey to success. The firm’s partners have over 30 years combined experience of identifying talented individuals, who not only possess passion for invention but also know how to deliver it successfully!

Optio Ventures is a boutique consulting and venture capital firm that partners with companies as an integral part of their business resource. We specialize in supporting high-tech executives, founders/owners to grow successful businesses by leveraging our deep domain knowledge which has been built over the course of three decades doing this very thing!