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LAST UPDATED 23 Sep, 2023
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List of the Top Security Guard Service in Los Angeles

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APS is uniquely positioned to meet the specific needs of any business, facility or event with customized security services that are in accordance with guidelines and standards set by Bureau. We provide a wide array for onsite safety considering every officer has been trained adequately; thus creating an effective force ready at your disposal when you need it most!
Private security companies in California can be a great way to keep your project site safe. In fact, they are the only solution for larger projects with multiple locations and more resources at hand when it comes time to hire them. Our private guards have been highly trained by some of America's best organizations so don't hesitate- call us today!
American Global Security is a security company that specializes in protection. We are trained to match your specific requirements and assure you receive the best services possible! We assess each client's needs before selecting an appropriate officer for them, which means they can always count on us being there when it matters most - whether at home or abroad.

XPressGuards Security Guards Los Angeles

Service Focus
20% Guard Service
5% Cash Transit
1% Electronic Security System
73% Training
Service Focus
20% Guard Service
5% Cash Transit
1% Electronic Security System
73% Training
In our over 600 offices across the country, XPressGuards is a top security company. With an experienced team and wide variety of services to offer you as your needs grow or decrease in complexity we have what it takes for any situation!

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Bannerman Security has made it easier than ever to source, approve, monitor and manage your security needs. We offer a personalized dashboard experience that allows you to have complete control of all aspects in one centralized location with Bannerman
The United Guard Security Company was established to protect lives and assets while minimizing liability. In a fast paced, changing world where security is in high demand we strive provide our clients with cost-efficient remarkable service that's backed up by seasoned professionals who have obtained over 50 years experience in the field!
Citiguard has been providing security guard services to the people of California for years. From our Los Angeles headquarters, we offer a wide variety of capabilities that are capable in all areas throughout Orange County and other parts across SoCal! If you're interested in any company-wide patrol or protection needs please contact us today - no obligation required!"
United Security Services started off as a small Southern California security guard and patrol service organization. Our rapid growth providing this type of protection enabled us to become one of the largest companies in our area, which has helped provide value for both big corporations like those we were trained on servicing or smaller businesses looking at getting their own local team member with United's reputation behind them!
Citiguard is one of the most trusted security guard companies in Southern California, and it will soon be taking over for our current top competitors. With 50 years worth or experience between them they are more than qualified to lead their own communities!
The United Guard Security Company was established to protect lives and assets while minimizing liability. In this day in age, where security is high demand all over the world; we strive to provide our clients with cost-efficient remarkable service that surpasses any other company out there by far!
Allied International Security specializes in providing security services for all types of customers. We offer armed guards, unarmed/armed specialist detectives and patrol officers to our clients along with a wide range or other valuable offerings such as video surveillance systems that will keep your property safe from any potential threats!
Excalibur Security, Inc. has been providing customers with affordable and reliable protection for over thirty years. This company guarantees complete satisfaction at unbeatable rates! We cater to the needs of companies both large or small through our wide range of services including 24-hour emergency service on all major holidays (including weekends).
All Nation Security Services, Inc. has been in business since 2004 and is a Women Minority Family owned enterprise which was incorporated with its branch office opened to service the state of California after many years managing contracts for small medium sized businesses across different states like Nevada Florida Oklahoma Texas & more!
For the past decade, GOOD GUARD Security has been providing quality security guard services to all industries. We offer armed and unarmed guards for your protection needs--from businesses large or small! Our ultimate mission is simple: provide nothing but top-notch service at affordable prices with no frills attached.
All American Statewide Security Guards can help you with any size or type of business. We have been providing quality 24 hour security guard services for over 20 years and are always looking to provide our customers with the best service possible!
KARAS Security Services is unlike other companies; we do more than just observe and report, but offer interactive security officers in a professional uniform. Our fully equipped guards are licensed, bonded for service at your location- they