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The G:50 concept is inspired by the traditional Pilates program which has been customized and adapted into high intensity intervals. At this studio, you will be supported no matter your fitness level with our coaches who are ready to modify exercises for beginners or advanced exercisers alike!
Movement Pilates is a studio that was founded in 2013 and has quickly become one of the most respected around. Not only does it provide excellent service for clients, but also manages to stay ahead by winning awards left right and center!
If you are looking for an intense workout, then Harmony Studios Pilates is the place. Our instructors have all been trained in Joseph Pilates' methods and will help guide your every move with personalized training programs designed just for you!
Our studio uses Merrithew brand Pilates equipment. The V2 Max Reformer/Tower Combination and Stability (Wunda) Chair both assist and challenge the body unlike any other workout! The spring system forces you to eliminate momentum while getting stronger, creating stability in your mind as well as on our mats - like no one's business!

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Established in 2005, In & Up Pilates is the oldest provider of classical pilates on Silver Lake Blvd. We opened with just one space and we now have two: an exercise room for teaching people how they can lead healthier lives by strengthening their core muscles; as well as another location that offers massage therapy services like acupuncture and chiropractic care to help you live better every day!
Forget about following a complicated exercise routine. Forget the amount of times you should work out or even what muscle group each exercise affects - our Pilates Studio West is here for all your needs! Walk in feeling relaxed and welcomed by an environment that's tailored just to YOU with personalized attention on how best suit YOUR body type (and preferences).
Love for Pilates will change your life! In our modern, technological world there is a growing need to stay healthy. But with so many options available it can be difficult knowing which one is best suited towards what you want from exercising and how often - well now we have the answer: classical pilates (which isn
The more aware you are of your thoughts, perspectives and awareness the better they will affect not only how physically fit or unhealthy a person might be but also their emotional state. Located in West Los Angeles at Sheppard Method Pilates practice classical style to transform people
Love for Pilates offers a modern approach to classical pilates specializing in group reformer classes focused on total body conditioning. Our certified, friendly instructors will provide you with safe and effective workouts certain to bring results! Sculpt your muscles like never before through stretching them out or strengthening different parts of it - we have something that's perfect for everyone here at Love For Piliats .
The Work is an intentional movement based Pilates studio. Pulling together from many lineage and background studies to form a practice that is grounded in tradition while evolving to best fit the needs of our clients, it's our goal bring ease & joy through physical movement t all bodies who walk through this door!
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 Los Angeles
The transformation is real. Archer Pilates Workshop will teach you how to move your body with precision and care, while also giving it the strength necessary for any task or challenge in life; all without losing focus on what really matters: YOU!
Made by Pilates will give you results- it's a perfect workout for those looking to improve their health and fitness. You'll look better (leaner, sexier) feel stronger all the way down in your body with less stress or pain while performing at higher levels than ever before!
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 Los Angeles
West LA Pilates provides a tailored workout to address your individual needs, including strengthening areas you weren't aware needed to be strengthened. We offer classes for men and women in either private or small group settings up until 4 people per session at our calm atmosphere.
The founder of Club Pilates, Joseph Pilates was an innovator-inventor who created the first modern day workout regimen that's still used today. He believed in providing high quality affordable exercise at a surprisingly low price for people all over world to access their physicality and live fuller lives."
Melrose Pilates is a small, family-owned studio that has been providing quality instruction for over 16 years. We are dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H., and offer classes in West Hollywood at both Fairfax Ave & Melrose Blvd since 1998!
dr pilates is a beautiful Los Angeles boutique pilates studio located in the heart of Larchmont Village. We pride ourselves on having one-of-a kind instructors and staff, who are always available for your needs because we know how busy life gets!
Mind-Body Fitness, a studio located in Los Angeles has been providing excellent Pilates training to its residents for over 20 years. They offer both online and in person sessions to suit the needs of every individual who wishes learn about this formative art form that can be done anywhere at anytime with little equipment needed!