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List of the Top Pet Funeral Service in Los Angeles

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D & D Services is a family-owned and operated pet cremation provider, serving the Central/Southern California communities continuously since 1972. We are members in good standing with The International Association Of Pet Cemeteries And CREMATORIES (IAPPC Code), complying to all standards set forth by this prestigious association that has been around since 1948!
After being introduced to the field of animal rescue by a mentor and friend who works in this area, I realized how important it is. For me personally, meeting these animals with so many different personalities really showed my love for them which led on from there-I became interested right away!
We are a family business that has been established since 1990, with over 20 years of experience in the field. We offer professional tree care at competitive prices and aim to advice you on all Southern California counties including LA area because one size does not fit all when it comes down landscaping your property!
At West Coast Pet Memorial Services, we know the loss of a pet can be overwhelming and confusing. You may feel like there is nothing you could do to help your grieving process or ease your pain-- but our professional team with over 20 years experience will support you through each step in memorial arrangements for those who were never supposed be left behind!

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Pet Haven Cemetery and Crematory is the go-to place for high quality pet cremation services in Gardena. Along with our traditional options, we also offer aquamation to honor your beloved companion through sea urchin shells or sand which will provide them a peaceful resting spot until they can be reunited on Heaven's Shoreline!
We Care Pet Cremations was created to offer a respectful and dignified pet cremation options for those who have lost their furry friends. Our family has been rescuing animals for almost 30 years, so caring about what happens after death is something we know quite well - it's our passion!
We saw the need for an aftercare company that transparently gives respectful and personal care to our pets. When we came down to it, what is most important are people who love animals as much they do themselves? So, Peaceful Pets was born from this idea--a group of pet lovers taking great lengths in looking after your best friend just like you would want them cared too .
Our mission is to provide you with the finest service in individual pet cremation. We understand your high expectations, and can assure that your dog or cat will be treated with care as they await their final journey- so much respect for each animal's dignity!
For nearly a century, The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park has offered dignified memorial services for beloved furry family members who have passed. All of us at the park are committed to providing you and your pet with professional care that they deserve.
Pet Haven Cemetery has been offering traditional burials and cremation services since 1978. We are committed to the personal care, dignity, respect for your loved one that goes into every aspect of the burial or cremation at our establishment - it is what we stand behind!
At Cal Pet Crematory, we offer the finest in individual (private) pet cremation and are committed to providing exceptional service with a personal touch throughout each process. Whether you're saying farewell or just want some advice on how best care for your treasured animal companion after death--we've got everything from urns/casket options all the way through funeral arrangements!
During our time at ROYAL PET MORTUARY, each of us has experienced the loss of a special companion animal in our life. We understand how you feel about grief and sorrowful need for compassion; it's why we're here to give positive direction as well!
When you're feeling sad or lost, it's nice to know that there are people who care about your feelings. We at Contact Cedar Hill Mortuary and Accommodations will be by your side during this difficult time in life- whether its cremation services for a beloved friend or family member!
Royal Pet Mortuary was established in 1989 to serve the veterinary community and more importantly, pet owners with respectful aftercare services. The founder of Royal Pets had just experienced a loss when she felt that existing companies were not providing enough compassion for their clients like herself who lost an animal they cared deeply about - until then called Romeo became cremated remains returned back home!
The loss of a loved one is devastating. We offer top notch service, with free pickup and delivery for all our customers! Our packages include urns that can be personalized to fit your needs; it's like we're right there by your side during this difficult time in life--or even better than having someone next door (literally).

South Los Angeles Cremation Services

Service Focus
14% Direct Cremation
30% Memorial Service
28% Green Cremation
29% Other
Service Focus
14% Direct Cremation
30% Memorial Service
28% Green Cremation
29% Other
We are the best in Los Angeles for direct cremation services without a funeral or memorial service. We provide an affordable package that is provided by licensed, elite trained specialists with passion to recognize your individual needs and coordinate details of tribute honoring loved one's memory as well at lower cost than local funeral homes can offer you.