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Top Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles - 2023

LAST UPDATED 1 Dec, 2023
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List of the Top Mortgage Broker in Los Angeles

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With so much money at stake, and the legal details so hard to fathom, home buyers are justified in being cautious about their decision to take out a mortgage. Real estate attorneys recommend that you learn all there is before taking any big leap forward with this significant investment of time or energy for someone else's future plans too!
LBC Mortgage was founded by a few dedicated professionals in 2008, with the goal to provide comprehensive real estate services. The company quickly established themselves as an industry leader and remains so today through hard work that is always done above and beyond what's expected of them or anyone else!
Vault Mortgage Group, with more than 125 offices in 14 states and backed by American Pacific Mortgage Corporation- one of the largest independent mortgage banking operations in our region--is now coolered to be among America's top 30 lar credit lenghtsurance companies!
C2 Financial is the largest mortgage broker in California and ranked #1 by Mortgage Executive Magazine. Why go anywhere else? We have lenders that offer conventional, super jumbo loans as well as bank statement financing for those who need it

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We have the best prices and deals for our clients. We are licensed to broker loans with several of the country's top wholesale lenders, and this allows you to benefit from competitive interest rates as well as closing costs that won't break your budget!
CRESTICO is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage and Mortgage Lending firm in Los Angeles, California that offers many different types of services including First Time Home Buyer Purchase Programs. They also have Short Sale, Foreclosure Prevention as well as Relocation for your convenience!
After a successful career in the real estate industry, I opened my own mortgage brokerage company. As an agent with over 25 years of experience under his belt and having worked for some of LA's most prestigious companies like Kennedy Wilson Management Company or JMB Properties LLC., it was only natural development to expand into new markets!
Equitable Lending is a mortgage company that doesn't fit the mold. We work with multiple investors and take into account your individual needs when offering you competitive rates on all types of loans, from short term to long terms mortgages as well as ARMS (adjustable rate mortgages). Whether it's Full Docs or No-Doc Loans we can get you approved!
My name is Shannon Christenot, and I am a mortgage broker holding licenses from NMLS and BRE. In fact it has been my pleasure to work in this industry for over two decades helping customers like you with their home purchase or refinance needs - now if that's something that interests your household!
Wilkes Mortgage Group is a leader in the mortgage industry, with transparency and efficiency at its core. Founded by former licensed realtor Will Wilke sixteen years ago to provide customers honesty and straightforwardness that was lacking from other companies of their ilk, they've closed thousands of loans over time while maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings as well!
Are you ready to take the step of purchasing a home or refinancing? Let our team help find what's best for your needs. We'll thoroughly review and discuss all options with you until we come up with an option that works just right!
The mortgage process can be daunting, but it doesn't have to feel like you're walking through an obstacle course. From finding the perfect loan program for your needs all the way up through approval and closing procedures we'll make sure that everything goes smoothly - so don
Hillhurst Mortgage is here to educate you and assist in making the best decision for your family. We believe that each client has specific needs when it comes down to buying or refinancing their home, which is why we'll take time needed help educate through every step of this process!
Statewide Mortgage is committed to being your partner in the home lending process, and we have a wide range of services that are tailored specifically for you. At StateWide Mortgages our goal isn
When you're in the middle of your mortgage process, it can be hard to know what's next. I'm here for all stages! Whether that means finding a loan or figuring out how much down payment will work best with my clients' goals - let me guide you through this confusing maze so we make sure everything goes smoothly every step along the way...
We are the mortgage experts who will make your dreams of homeownership come true. We know you want to feel confident in this process, so let us take care of all those pesky details for you! Housing is not just about buying or getting into property - it's also an investment that should be hustle free and positive; not creepy- drained as well (get what I'm doing here!).
The Sunset Lending team is proud to offer the best service value in California. Our experts work together with you, not against your time or interests, so that no detail goes overlooked when it comes to mortgage loans and real estate investments for home buyers as well investors looking at properties on their own.
PierPoint Mortgage is a mortgage broker that has been helping people find homes nationwide for over 50 years. They are committed to providing brilliant customer service and will work hard with you every step of the way on your lending needs, no matter how big they may be!
Insignia Mortgage understands that not every client will need the same loan solution. When it comes to your financial picture, you should feel free of judgement and instead be met with understanding by our team of experts who are here just for you!
We're committed to client satisfaction. As a result, our entire team is built on repeat business and referrals coming through the door - which makes for some pretty happy clients! If you want an honest assessment of how we can help with your financial needs contact us today so that together let's find what works best in this industry.