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List of the Top Medical Spa in Los Angeles

At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, we know that a patient

The Los Feliz Medspa is committed to fighting aging with preventive measures. The early prevention of this process will lead you on a path toward having less wrinkles and more youthful looking skin, all while enjoying natural-looking good looks that come from within!

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Whether you are looking for a procedure to make yourself look better, or need help with self-confidence issues our spa has the latest in noninvasive laser and cosmetic procedures. SmartLipo Triplex is one of these amazing treatments that delivers beauty while improving your wellness!

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Established in 2016, Beyond Skin Medical Spa was founded by Dr. Cesar Caldera who has been the medical director for 7 years at his company that specializes in skincare lines and also offers spa services like facials or massages while working with clients on various issues to make them look their best from head-to-toe!

As a premier spa in the heart of West Los Angeles, Luna Med Spa provides customers with top quality treatments. We are neighbored by some prestigious Hollywood Landmarks and share borders with Beverly Hills on one side to give you all access into this chic area without missing out!

Cienega Med Spa offers a medical spa to make your life and body better. Our services will help you look great, feel rejuvenated with the use of our advanced technology that includes CoolSculpting for fat reduction surgery or facelift treatments which are becoming increasingly popular in Hollywood celebrities who want their youthful looks back without plastic surgery!

Welcome to Motykie Med Spa! You are about to embark on an exciting journey of discovery, one where your beauty and health is top priority. Our highly trained staff is ready for you with the most advanced techniques in Skin Care treatments like Micro-Needling or Treatments that include fillers such as Juv

We are a top notch non-surgical cosmetic clinic located in the Los Angeles area. We specialize in botox, dermal fillers and skin tightening for your face or body! Our team can also help you with hair removal services such as laser treatments so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted facial hairs ever again.”

Since 2008, OU Beauty Medical Spa has provided the region unmatched value in medical outpatient cosmetic services for patients of all ages. Whether you are looking to smooth out wrinkles or remove unwanted hair permanently

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Hush L.A.’s med spa offers a variety of services including laser hair removal, injectables and microneedling that can be tailored to meet your needs! Book online or call today for more information about what we have available at Hollywood’s best boutique salon!

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Non surgical facial rejuvenation. This means we don’t just put in some Botox and call it good, our services include Dysport as well! Our La Canada Flintridge location also houses a medical grade skincare spa where you can get treated like royalty when it comes to face-care needs.

We’re inviting you to “rejuvenate and beautify your skin.” Our highly trained staff can offer a complimentary consultation based on what’s going best for YOU, whether it be Fibroblast treatments or Lash Lifts. Services offered include: Injectables Facials Peels Microdermabrasion Brow Shaping Blaze Needling Fillers & more – all designed specifically with men in mind!

At iGlow Med Spa, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty; utilizing safe and state-of the art aesthetic techniques perfected by our experienced medical experts. We spend quality time with each patient to evaluate them customizing procedures that will enlighten you into a more stunning outcome! Our team is dedicated towards delivering transformational results for optimal patients satisfaction.

At Beverly Hills Plaza Med Spa, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the finest quality medical spa services in a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. Located within world-famous hotel – The Beverly Hill Plazaiium Hotel, this beauty salon offers state-of-the art treatments as well traditional methods for personal care


Relax. Renew. Refresh with our advanced medical staff for amazing services which include: laser hair removal, injectables and more! We have the latest technology to keep you looking young from head-to-toe or just on certain problem areas of your body that need it most – don’t wait any longer; call today!”

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At YouthFill MD Injectable Express, we believe that everyone deserves to feel and look their best from the inside out. We offer a comprehensive range of services so our clients can reveal an youthful appearance or sculpted profile with increased confidence and self-esteem– all in one convenient location!

At Beverly Hills Med Spa, we offer luxury med spa services in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Located within walking distance of some world-famous attractions like Rodeo Drive (yes please!), our spa offers cutting edge technology combined with advanced techniques to make you feel more confident than ever before!

Dr. Hossein Babaali of K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief offers complete care for his patients in the Los Angeles area who have vascular and skin concerns, equipped with laser technology that provides minimally invasive solutions to quality-of life issues affecting both inside as well as out.

We believe that feeling beautiful starts from within and we’re here to help you find your inner confidence. Our medical aesthetics team will make sure every inch of skin is strategically enhanced with the latest, most natural-looking techniques so people can accentuate their own beauty through us!