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LAST UPDATED 17 Jul, 2024
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Concierge Resolution is a company with the experience and skill to resolve conflicts in an efficient manner. Mediation, as their specialty, works towards creating resolutions that are fair for all parties involved by using creative approaches tailored specifically toward your needs!
A co-parent's plan can create a more peaceful environment for everyone involved. It includes details about how the family should be structured, what type of contact they have with each other and their children after mediation or arbitration is finished (if this ever happens), as well as any potential problems that may arise while going through these processes together.
ADR Services, Inc. is the leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services in California with more than 20 years experience solving legal problems using panels made up exclusively by some of society's most distinguished and talented neutrals who are eager to resolve an issue once it arises without any bias whatsoever.
I am a Los Angeles-based professional family mediator and the owner of Modern Mediation. I have advanced training in divorce mediation from Northwestern University, where Professor Markman was one my mentors while getting his certification for Advanced Family Process Facilitation through The International Association For Conflict Resolution (IAFCR).

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At Peace Talks, we help people find solutions to difficult questions. We focus on divorce mediation and family law mediation for those seeking to Mediate their own Divorce or Planning an Estate; as well as pre-marital agreements with our experienced mediators who will create practical plans that work best for you!
Ms. Bassis is a tenacious and skilled mediator, who has been on the ground floor of this profession for years in California. She brings with her decades worth experience to every negotiation or trial that she enters into which can only be seen as invaluable by those within these fields where quality matters more than anything else at all times!
Mediation is a process through which disputants work together with the assistance of a neutral third party to arrive at an agreement regarding their conflict or dispute. Mediating not only saves time and money, but also helps parties build better relationships in order for them both to come out ahead as well!
The number one reason why people hire private mediators is for their ability to explore all settlement options and help them find what's best in a difficult situation. For almost two decades, Philip Cook has been doing just this with success rates over 90%.
I'm a mediator with over 20 years experience in the areas of family and divorce law. I work primarily to help divorcing couples resolve their conflicts using an agreement that meets your needs, whatever they may be at any given time during or after litigation proceedings have begun between you as well as your soon-to-be ex partner(s).