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The Breast Health Services Building is home to some incredible facilities. The Saul and Joyce Brandman Breast Center, a project of Women's Guild at Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute; the Marcia Israel Mammography Center which provides breast imaging services such as MRIs or X-rays for those who need them with no appointment necessary!
RadNet Los Angeles provides expert radiologists to provide readings on images from our advanced equipment, including 3T MRI. We also perform some of today's most innovative procedures in radiology and are here for you when it comes time for your appointment!
The design of this company shows how they feel about mammography. It's sleek and modern with an emphasis on quality, but not at the cost of comfort for women who need to get their scan done in a hurry before running out onto a beach or making dinner reservations
We are a Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center located in Downtown Los Angeles for your convenience. We offer X-rays, Breast Exams and Mammograms to the women of California who qualify! If you would like us examine any other parts on or around your body come see us at our facility near Union Station where we have MRIs/CT Scans available too with no cost whatsoever if eligible based off income levels.

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The Jim & Eleanor Randall Breast Center provides a tranquil spa-like atmosphere in an effort to reduce anxiety and create space for healing. The Hill Medical radiologists are dedicated not only provide state of the art digital mammography, stereotactic biopsy MRI or ultrasounds equipment but also on site breast biopsies which are performed by our expert nurses who have your comfort as priority one!
Ali Esmaili, M.D., is a board-certified radiologist who received fellowship training from the Cleveland Clinic in breast imaging and intervention. He currently serves as medical director for one of southern California's top Breast Imaging clinics where he has expertise with all types of mammograms or any other kind you can think about towards your health needs!
The idea of a breast care center that caters exclusively to women is revolutionary. As physicians, we were tired of providing subpar services when it comes down health care for our patients and wanted something better than what the male-driven medical establishment had offered them in terms or attitude towards their feminine issues like mammograms or cancerous lumps/spots on breasts (or other parts).
At the Marcia Ray Breastlink Women's Imaging Center, they aim to provide women with breast health concerns and help them reach their goals. The center has been designated as a "Breast Center of Excellence" by American College Radiology which means that we offer high quality programs including mammography for diagnosis purposes as well!
We at YourBreastCare are an interdisciplinary team of breast care experts, all with subspecialized training and extensive experience. We work together in order to ensure the best outcomes for our patients while providing compassionate patient-centric service at convenient locations across North America.
We are a team of dedicated subspecialty radiologists, clinical and basic scientists who provide exemplary care to our patients at the demanding service levels expected by our community. With faculty from all over UCLA combined with world-class research programs in tow we offer you an interdisciplinary environment where new ideas can flourish without boundaries or limitations!
At we believe that the best healthcare providers are those who have strong working relationships with their referring physicians and compassionate care for patients. We want our team members to be happy at work, which will encourage them on a daily basis despite of any difficulty faced throughout life or profession!
The Valley Breast Care and Women's Health Center has been designed to make it easier than ever for female patients in need of medical care. The soothing atmosphere encourages teamwork, collaboration between caregivers and their loved ones; all while we provide you the best possible experience that can only come with our team at hand!