Top Food Products Supplier in Los Angeles - 2021

LAST UPDATED 6 Dec, 2021
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List of the Top Food Products Supplier in Los Angeles

In 1985, Astro Food Service started as a humble business with one small warehouse in Southern California. Today they’ve grown into the premier food distributor for this region of the country and are family-owned to boot! They provide personalized service that will meet your needs exactly–from frozen foods to fresh produce, you’re sure to find what you need at their location(s).

For over 50 years, Canton Food Co. has been providing restaurants with the highest quality products at wholesale prices that are unmatched in this area! Whether you’re picking up a few canned goods from our grocery department or stocking your fridge for an upcoming party, we have everything to suit any need and budget here at Canton Foods!

A family business since 1914, Walker Foods has had generations of employees. The current President is James