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List of the Top Family Service Center in Los Angeles

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All of us face challenges and transitions in our lives, but when we do there is a need for the strength that comes from community. We know this because at Jewish Family Service LA, it's all about empowering people with services to help them achieve safety, security and wellness.
The DCFS, or Department of Child and Family Services strives to provide the best possible care for your children by utilizing an approach that prioritizes their safety. The Core Practice Model has been seen as a major change in how we work with families- it emphasizes working on strengths rather than deficits while empowering those being served over helplessness.
The Karsh Family Social Service Center is a safe space for the community to come together and find peace. It offers not only social services, but also opportunities like job training in order to help their clients achieve success and positive change throughout their lives.
When the Village was established in 1997, its founders Hugo Villa and Irma Seilicovich knew there were no bilingual services for Latino children or families of this area. They saw a need that would soon be fulfilled thanks to their dedication which has led them to provide vital support programs throughout Los Angeles County!

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The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is committed to providing a safe environment for children in need. Our office has implemented the Family-to-Family initiative which was developed by The Annie E Casey Foundation, an organization dedicated helping families who have been involved with child welfare or protective services systems across America!
Eggleston Youth Centers has been providing children and youth in Los Angeles County with the resources they need since 1974. We continue this tradition today by creating comprehensive programs for every child, adolescent or adult living within our community's boundaries-from short term residential treatment to behavioral health services like addiction rehabilitation; foster care+adoption referrals (including pre-arranged adoptions).
Since 1975, Alma Family Services has been providing a comprehensive range of community-based services for families with special needs. The organization was founded by parents who set out to provide bilingual and culturally competent programs in homes or residential facilities across the Los Angeles area. This
As a community, we must be able to count on the strength of our loved ones and friends when things get tough. When you need help or guidance with your family life in Los Angeles just look no further than Jewish Family Service LA; they're always there for each other!
The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has worked to keep children safe since 1984. In order for the child's safety, well-being and permanency needs be met while in DCFS care we work with community partners to provide necessary services that help support healthy families including counseling, parenting classes or substance use evaluations through our partnerships such as Healthy Families America.
When you need a helping hand, Jewish Family Service LA is there for the whole family. The caring staff and volunteers work closely with individuals in their time of need to problem solve and guide them on paths towards safety, security or wellness as well fulfillment! One step at a time will get us closer toward our goals so don't give up hope--we've faced many challenges together before...
The Family Service Agency of Burbank provides life-changing and often lifesaving counseling services for all ages. Services offered include individual, group, couples therapy, as well as school-based programs. The agency has been in operation since 1932 and continues to be committed to eliminating domestic violence by providing quality mental health care.
When life throws you a curveball, it's nice to know there are people who will be by your side. Jewish Family Service LA is that source of support for the whole family in times like these - we provide comprehensive services with highly trained staff and volunteers eager work closely together towards solving problems as well as guiding each individual on their path toward safety, security wellness fulfillment!