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List of the Top Family Counselor in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Family Therapy understands that there is no one-size fits all approach when it comes to treatment. We offer multiple therapists from various backgrounds and specialties who can work with you in order for your needs be met, whether they're urgent or long term goals!
Welcome to Oaks Counseling Center - we're here for you. The decision to address your issues and get the help that will make a difference in part or all parts of life takes great courage, determination, and support from our team at Oaks!
I have over 10 years of experience in mental health, with a specialty focus on reproductive counseling. I am licensed to practice all across California and am an expert at working with individuals struggling through infertility or needing support for their current situation- couples are also welcome!
The Center is a non-profit community service mental health agency that provides quality low cost, outpatient counseling and training services to the San Fernando Valley. We are open 7 days a week providing much needed resources for those in need of help or just want more information on different types of therapy options they may have available through us!

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Women's Clinic provides counseling for a broad spectrum of challenges and concerns you may face. From managing stress, problems in relationships or clinical issues such as depression to anxiety- many people turn towards our therapists seeking understanding from those who have experience coping with similar struggles themselves. Women's clinic offers individualized care designed just for you so that we can work together on finding solutions where others have failed
Adrien Survol Rivin PSYD offers a variety of services. You are not alone in your struggles and I am here to help you through it all! I know what its like when things start going wrong, but there's no need for worry; we'll work together as one team until these problems disappear forevermore...
Experiencing difficult life circumstances is never an easy task. Bonnie Rose has helped many individuals and families through their challenging moments with a warm, compassionate approach that opens windows to illumination of darkness within oneself in order for one can find the resources needed on how get out there eventually if they desire so badly enough!
At Hope and Healing Marriage & Family Therapy Inc., I work to illuminate hope, harness strengths, enrich human connections. My approach includes an understanding that everyone is unique so my clients can benefit from customized therapy based on their needs as well as cultural sensitivity for the best outcomes possible with you!