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LAST UPDATED 4 Jun, 2023
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List of the Top Drug Testing Service in Los Angeles

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Norton Medical Industries offers the easiest Drug and Alcohol Program management software. You can manage your worker pool, delete workers who leave, record reasons for leaving on their departure form, print authorization forms to show collection site on paper in case of confusion from digital data entry errors or internet connection issues.
Medical professionals work to protect and ensure the safety of our communities, but are they always vigilant enough with their own? With such advances in technology it's easier than ever for them to get caught up. We're here at Drug Testing Services where we can help you stay ahead of any issues before they become problems!
At our laboratory, you'll find all of the resources for specialized drug/alcohol screening and DNA testing that you're looking for. We offer everything from pre-employment screenings to court orders! Whether it's a paternity test or an infidelity checkup, we've got your back here at LabCorp.
We are EMSI/Quality Exams Service, INC and we provide mobile medical exams for the insurance industry. We have been in business for a number of years and will give you professional service with our experienced examiners who come prepared to serve your clients well!

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Chiropractic care is about more than just making the pain disappear. It's understanding your body and how it works, from nerves to joints, so you can take an active role in minimizing or eliminating health problems that are affecting you today as well as for years down the line.
At TEST ON TIME, we ensure that the employer remains in compliance with all regulations. We provide a one-stop shop for drug testing services like coordination and specimen collection to laboratory tests which are conducted by our Medical Review Officer (MRO).
Our expertise includes: drug and alcohol testing, DNA analysis for criminal justice purposes, workplace health assessments that are tailored to your company's needs. ARCpoint Labs is a full-service national third party provider/administrator of accurate, reliable laboratory diagnostic services with over 18 years in the industry.
US DRUG TEST CENTER is an organization that specializes in providing companies with the necessary resources to help facilitate regulatory compliance. They offer a variety of services, ranging from managing parts of smaller businesses' drug and alcohol testing programs to those of larger ones.
Drug Free LA is the go-to for accurate, reliable and confidential drug testing. Many families, businesses, schools and corporations in Los Angeles rely on these laboratories to give them peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe from substances like drugs or alcohol at work.
The company ASAP Drug Solutions was founded in response to the needs of clients who wanted an affordable and reliable service for their drug tests. In 1998, they began offering OSCA
DTIB allows businesses, medical facilities; staffing agencies and more to feel confident when testing. With over 15000 clients worldwide, DTIB has built a reputation for delivering high quality drug screening devices that's been put through the highest level of Quality Control. We're proud to have received our stamp of approval from some big names in the industry like you!
You can trust our team to get the job done. We're certified and trained in all Drug, Alcohol Testing procedures including DOT regulated businesses which complies with Part 40 of Department Of Transportation regulations for small medium or large companies drug testing services when needed. Our office works closely with government agencies such as parole officers ensuring proper monitoring techniques are used during pre-employment screenings