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We’ll fix your phone, fast. We’re the expert in all things cell phone repair and we’ve been offering quality service since 2010! Our technicians are skilled & certified professionals who can diagnose most problems on-site with our affordable prices that won’t break your bank account either.

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Ken-Wireless is the place to go for all your wireless repair needs. With an extensive inventory, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing it’s no wonder that Ken Wireless has become a popular choice among customers in need of repairs or replacements with most devices!

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Stop by the new total wireless store in Los Angeles, CA today. We’ll help you select a plan that’s perfect for your needs with nationwide coverage on America

We want to help you stream, search and share with confidence. We’ve been providing fiber optic internet since 2004 so that we can give our customers a better experience browsing without limits or having their data capped – just like they do on TV!

Your local Cell Phone Store in Los Angeles! A customer walks into a cell phone store and is greeted by the salesperson. “Welcome to Cell City Solutions,” said the salesberper, extending his hand towards them for shake-as we do so often here at our place of business; it’s good form-, before guiding him over toward one section that deals exclusively with iPhones.”

T-Mobile is the brand name used by Deutsche Telekom to market its subsidiaries’ mobile communications services. It’s also active in many other countries like the US, Poland, Netherlands or Czech Republic amongst others! This German company has subsidiaries active in America, Poland, Netherlands. It’s also been around since 1985 making it one of earths older companies!

Cell Funds is a reclamation & recycling company based out of Sherman Oaks, California. Using an innovative approach to recycling, we purchase your old phones at the maximum allowable payout for used cellphones on today

The Verizon Company is a multinational telecommunications and entertainment firm with headquarters in New York City, USA. It’s the largest mobile network operator worldwide as well as an internet service provider (ISP).America

Downtown Cellular has been serving the wireless industry for over 10 years. We offer a wide variety of wholesale and retail products, from cell phones to accessories with our knowledgeable staff ready at all times if you need any help in making your decision or just want more info about what’s available!