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List of the Top Caterer in Los Angeles

At Crepes of Paris we are all about bringing a taste of France to Southern California. The aroma and flavor that emanates from our delicious selections is sure to please any palate! We offer freshly squeezed orange juice, French press coffee as well as an array of options for breakfast crepes; sweet or savory fillings like bacon & eggs with cheese or pepperoni pizza.

TBLA Catering & Cafe offers a diverse and quality menu with dishes ranging from fresh salads, wraps, pastas to oven roasted chicken. With healthy options like the panzanella salad or black bean wrap as well as indulgent desserts such as sweet potato pie for dessert, TBLA will not disappoint.

In 2007, Yuri opened Crepes of Paris in Los Angeles and Orange County with one goal: To bring the taste of authentic French crepes to Americans. In 2008, he introduced Breakfast of Paris followed by Catering for a creative event or large gathering using his Fine culinary skills.

Catering Los Angeles with Goodness. When you’re craving a delicious lunch in the middle of work, trust Catering to have all your favorites waiting for you. From sandwiches and salads to fresh fruit and cookies, we cater every kind of meal that will make everybody’s mouths water!

Wolfgang Puck Catering is a world-class catering company founded by renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck and CEO Carl Schuster in 1998. Unlike most caterers, its innovative cuisine combines chef finesse with refined service to provide the best quality every time, regardless of location or occasion.

We are a catering company committed to supporting our small, local organic farmers by offering healthy food for you. Not only do we offer nutrient-dense meals at affordable prices, but we also distribute them to those in need of support and care with their health.

Who’s Hungry Store is a new restaurant that wants to share their food story and the products they are working on. If you order from them, your money will contribute towards creating more jobs for those in need of employment due to one dish at a time expansion!

Jennie Cooks Catering & Plant Based Parties is making the most out of COVID. We’re staying busy with production drop-offs, and our family meal program without contact pick up! Jennie said that they want to be part of the solution not the problem when it comes to safety on set – so for now we’ll stay occupied with productions and deliveries, saving events until there’s no more risk.

Basil Pizza Bar offers freshly-made, delicious pizzas that are not just for birthdays and weddings. Bat Mitsvahs, bar mitzvah’s or showers can be made special with a live pizza station at the event! No matter what your occasion is in Los Angeles and Orange County Basil has something to offer you!

Basil Pizza Bar provides an interactive experience through their Live Pizzeria Station catering service.

With our catering in the culinary industry, you will find a variety of dietary needs met. We offer dishes for people who are dieting and want to lose weight, as well as those looking for healthy meals that still have flavor. Our bucket-style diets include meatless options which come with rich flavors so they don’t get boring!

Los Angeles’ Bite Catering Couture is a high end caterer serving the greater Los Angeles area. We deliver premium food and event experiences to our clientele by focusing on Design, Presentation, Taste, Variety. Our attention to detail and focus in catering creativity for clients has set us apart from others in this industry.

Marcel Cocit has always loved cooking and as a child, would help his mother make family favourites. He enrolled in culinary arts classes after seeing how much he enjoyed it when helping out at home. His love for food only deepens with each new dish that comes to life under his hands due to the many hours of hard work put into every meal by himself or those around him.

At Border Grill, they explore regional Mexican cooking with a California-inflected touch. The chefs are lauded for their deep affection and appreciation of the Mexican kitchen as well as conscientiously sourced ingredients that effortlessly blend classical culinary training to create uniquely delicious dishes.”

Chef Joachim Splichal’s Patina Catering knows the perfect blend of food and service for all events. Whether you’re looking to impress a select few or have an intimate dinner with your loved ones, Chef Splichal will take care of every detail from delicious dishes made just how you like them to impeccable personalized service that leaves guests feeling special – not served!