Top Boat Repair Shop in Los Angeles - 2021

LAST UPDATED 6 Dec, 2021
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List of the Top Boat Repair Shop in Los Angeles

C.C. Marine Service, Inc., the leading marine company in Marina del Rey is here to provide a full service for your boating needs! We specialize in sales and installation of gas or diesel engines with an I/O (inboard) type engine as well as outboards that can be shipped to other states across America when necessary.

Cabrillo Boat Shop, after being closed for a decade under the family who originally owned it and selling to Chris Messano in 2020, is once again providing repairs of all kinds – from minor fixes to complete overhauls. Cabrillo Boat Shop will be expanding its water access with capital improvements that include new equipment and facilities.

For the past 22 years, Harold Davis has built one of the finest fishing boats in the industry. Thru these many changes and innovations over time to make each boat perfect for its customer, he is now shutting down his business due to competition with China

Regency Boats is the best boating company there is. We have factory-trained technicians with special tools and an expansive showroom of engines, inflatables, marine parts, boat supplies and accessories to keep your motor running at peak performance for years to come.

As a professional in the marine vessel industry, my company offers Fiberglass Gelcoat Wiring Sound system Led Rigging paint and many more. Contact me for any of your boat needs today! I offer a wide range of high quality sound system, rigging paint, LED lights and more.

In 1903, Al Larson Boat Shop was established. They consist of 7.7 acres: 2.3 acres are land and the remaining 5.35 is water including a marina for storage purposes; they also have four marine railways that range from 100 tons to 1,250 tons with an ability to haul barges up to 60 feet wide and 250 long!

The BoatYard-MDR is your one stop shop for all of the boating needs that you might have. We specialize in boat repair, and our licensed USCG Captains can answer any questions about local knowledge or other aspects of marine life as well!

Andersson Marine provides All types of service, any horsepower on all major brands of outboards. We also provide electrical work; batteries, pumps, lights and switches to make your boat or car run smoothly with our electronic installations that help keep you safe in the water as well as dry land. Make sure to call for appointment before making a trip down!

We know that the best way to grow our business and maintain a solid reputation is by giving you everything we can. We are proud of our staff for understanding all aspects of this industry, because they work hard every day at delivering great service in ensuring your satisfaction.