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List of the Top Air Duct Cleaning Service in Los Angeles

Precision Air Duct Cleaning is a company that specializes in the cleaning of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. We are not responsible for repairs or additions, so you can rest assured your bill will be inclusive of all services rendered to date without hidden charges!

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We’re a full service air duct cleaning company with over 25 years of experience. We’ve been doing it since the 80s and guarantee all our work to keep your home or business healthy from dirt, dust mites & germs that you’ll find inside every nook in an outlet!

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We’re SoCal Air Duct Cleaning, and we’ve got the most up-to-date equipment on this side of town. We can provide you with a quality residential or commercial cleaning service that will leave your home smelling fresh without compromising its safety system!

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Ready for Air Duct Experts service that cannot be beat? Ever wonder what

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Get your day to day cleaning under control and let one of our professional teams do the really dirty work. We have a variety off bonus services from ovens, air ducts or window washing that will make you happy to come home again!

Since 1998 we have been the First choice for Heating and Air Conditioning business that is committed to ensuring your family or customers breathe while inside home or office are as little contaminated air possible. We opened our doors in 1998 with over 20 years experience, specializing Commercial Properties Residential properties Industrial areas too!

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Expert Answers To Common Questions:

  1. How much does it cost to have your vents cleaned?
  2. Who is responsible for air duct cleaning services?
  3. What should you consider when hiring air duct cleaning services?
  4. What should I focus on during air duct cleaning services?
  5. Is air conditioning duct work cleaning services worth it?
  6. What are air duct cleaning services?
  7. How much is air duct cleaning service?
How much does it cost to have your vents cleaned?

The cost of cleaning your vents depends on the type of ductwork, how easy it is to access the dirt, number of people needed to do the cleaning and degree of contamination. It usually costs around $250 to $700 to have your vents cleaned putting into consideration other factors that might increase the price. On the average, you should get your vents cleaned for about $400.

Who is responsible for air duct cleaning services?

Air duct cleaning companies are the ones responsible for air duct cleaning services. They are responsible for cleaning the ducts to ensure that dust and other particulates that might have accumulated into your duct system are eliminated to boost efficiency and reduce any chance of having any health problems. When you need to clean your air duct, you’ll need the services of these companies to go about it. Ensure you get a company that is well experienced and qualified in the services offered while also having a license to operate.

What should you consider when hiring air duct cleaning services?

One of the most important steps to be taken into consideration when hiring an air duct cleaning company is to check and confirm whether they are insured and licensed. This lets you know they are legit and you’ll be handing over your duct cleaning to a registered company. Then, get to know the methods they will be using for the duct cleaning as well as the equipment to be used. Lastly, ask about the services offered by the company. It is possible the company does not offer exactly what you want while others will have even extra services that will be worth it.

What should I focus on during air duct cleaning services?

When you’re ready for your air ducts to get cleaned, you might have to decide if you’ll stay and monitor the whole process and see that it is done very well or if you’ll be staying away from all the noise and the whole duct cleaning process. Yes, there is an option to do absolutely nothing while the duct cleaning work has started and you can either decide to focus on something else during that time or monitor and supervise the cleaning process. Prior to the cleaning service, you can take your technician through your home to check and show them the places you would like to have cleaned up. Asides that, you can leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Is air conditioning duct work cleaning services worth it?

There is no scientific proof to show that cleaning your air conditioning ducts will improve your air quality in the house or reduce your chances of having any form of respiratory problems as a result of exposure to dust. Having dirty ducts has not been proven or shown in any way to be a cause of any health problems though it can seriously reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system. So air conditioning duct cleaning is worth it if you want to increase the efficiency of your conditioning system but if you’ll be getting it to increase or have better air quality in the household, then maybe not since there is no proof to show negative consequences associated with respiratory issues.

What are air duct cleaning services?

As ducts spend more time or age, they begin to accumulate dust particles which might pose potential risk to inhabitants of the house, a reason which makes cleaning the air ducts a good option. Air duct cleaning services are services offered by companies to have your duct system cleaned using professional duct cleaning equipment to help improve the air quality in the house. Air duct cleaning could also include other services like cleaning the grills, the heating, ventilation and air condition system. The furnace can also be cleaned as part of the cleaning service just in case you have one.

How much is air duct cleaning service?

The cost of air duct cleaning service depends on a number of factors which includes size of the house, the number of the ducts, length of the ducts, how complicated it is to have access to the air ducts and the amount of dirt built up in the ducts. Generally, air duct cleaning service costs usually vary and start from around $100 to $500 while also considering the kind of company you choose and then the area where you live. The average price for getting the services of an air duct cleaning company is around $350.