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White, Jacobs and Associates is a credit repair firm which stands in their philosophy to understand life situations and financial standing causes the rise and fall of credit scores. It then uses this philosophy to repair derogatory items and boost up the clients' credit scores. It has Provided assistance to over 10,000 clients over the years of service.

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9 Reviews

Chris Coker did an amazing job informing me and helping me transform my credit score. I started at about 586 and jumped all the way up to 657. On Experian I’m nearly at 700 with a 688 credit score. It took about 4 months but the money and time was worth it. It helped me finally be approved for a Tesla that I was previously denied for multiple times. Also helped us prepare our children for their future with credit as well. 10/10 will recommend them to anyone if I can. Especially Chris.




My wife and I sought after their services to help repair our credit in May 2020 so we could purchase a home, we both had credit scores in the 400’s. During our consultation we were told, but not promised, that they could remove 90% of negative items from our report. It’s now February 2021 and we’ve ended the program with a total of 4 items deleted, and an improved credit score mainly because I paid off our credit card debt. We still haven’t been able to purchase a home because our scores are still not up to par. If we would have used the money that we spent to hire this company to pay off the collections, or try for a pay and delete our credit score would be much better than it is now. Please do your research and know you can do everything they do, or more! all on your own without spending a few thousand dollars. I wish we were never referred to this company and had saved our money, for us it was a total waste.


Christopher Gravelle


Steve does take his time explaining everything I need to know. He even answered my countless questions. I strongly suggest you to have him work with you on your credit scores.


Laura Zuniga Clark


Absolutely love and recommend this company to all my clients who aim to buy their dream home! Most recently, Jared Briscoe has helped two separate buyers increase their credit scores to over 600 from low 400s. And one of them will start their home shopping next week! Really thankful for all their work!


Lourdes Codina


Nathan was awesome throughout the entire program. I am happy to report that my scores have increased significantly. Great professional company to use for any credit related issues you are experiencing.


Michael Broderick


Roman Macias is the best of the best, top-notch, and outstanding to work with. From the very beginning, his eagerness to help, set goals, and thoroughness with numbers set me up for success. He is 100% committed and diligent with everything there is to know about credit scores and repair. I learned so many tools and info because of Roman. Super happy with my credit results because for the first time, in a long time, I finally buying power! Macias is outstanding to work with. Since the beginning his willingness to help me understand every step and address any concerns. He’s diligent and committed to doing honest work 100%. I learned so much about my credit and how it works. Super happy with my results and I have buying power!


Paris Jasso


My husband and I were recommended to Derek Shaw through our loan officer to help boost our credit score in hopes of getting a much better approval rate on a home loan. In 1/3 of the time we were promised, we not only met, but completely exceeded our goal. He has great communication skills and always made us feel so hopeful about our future. I would recommend him to anyone serious about boosting their credit in hopes of owning a home, buying a car, etc. Derek Shaw is the G.O.A.T!!!!!!!


Rachel Jeanell Dunn


"I absolutely loved working with Derek Shaw! Derek always has such a positive, cheerful attitude about himself. He quickly identified and took action on suspicious credit issues that were showing up on my credit report and got them resolved for me. Within a few months, Derek was able to delete a bunch of negative stuff that was haunting me and keeping my credit scores low. I am so blessed to say that now I can start looking for a home because my credit scores are in the 700+ range!! I highly recommend Derek to anyone having any credit issues!!! Derek is very talented at what he does, he's highly skilled, a great listener, caring, and very professional. Thank you so much Derek!!!:)


Sandra Mabry


Andrew Bell and White, Jacobs and Associates are absolutely wonderful!!! I have sent several clients to Andrew over the years and each and everyone of them is done 110% right every time. Andrew has become a vital and very important tool to have in my belt for getting clients credit right so that they can qualify them for a home loan. That said...I never believed in credit cleaning until I met Andrew (now I am a believer). I thank you, my realtors and my clients thank you!!! You have been instrumental in helping people achieve their goal of owning a home!!!