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Adventist Health is a faith-based, nonProfit integrated health system serving more than 80 communities on the West Coast and Hawaii. Founded on Seventh-day Adventist heritage and values, Adventist Health Provides care in hospitals, clinics, home care agencies, hospice agencies and joint-venture retirement centers in both rural and urban communities.

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I am affiliated with LACENTA through my clinic - the Los Angeles Center for Hearing & Balance - and thus came to White Memorial to get a covid vaccine. The staff were very kind and parking was ample. I have full faith in the medical teams here and would recommend this hospital to anyone!


Anish Thakkar


They have had one year to update their website and telephone recording regarding Covid. It says visitor friendly hospital, but due to Covid none are allowed. I live three hours away. My 94 year old mother admitted. Can't see her. Thanks for the update! That's really unacceptable. Come on!


Deborah Jackson


Got something on my leg that was unknown, I then asked the doctor how I got it (medical wise) and he responded with “I don’t have a YouTube video of you and where you have been” it was clearly unprofessional and I was disgusted. Adding the fact all the staff were cussing and talking about pregnancy, cramps, etc. + I got a bandage added and it fell right off. The doctor was very rude and this place is too.


i don’t know her


Twice now I've showed up for an appointment at a certain time only to have to wait well beyond that time due to a "mix up" or this morning just because the office simply was not open. But I am more concerned by the lack of attention given to my care. I was sent for bloodwork last week and for some reason two requests/tests I discussed with my doctor just simply were not accounted for on the lab order. When I raised the concern, the nurse didn't believe me or simply did not want to help, not to mention the horrible attitude. I had to beg her to please follow up with Quest. Luckily, they caught the one missing order. But, I didn't find out about the second until after receiving lab results. Now, they give me another lab order for what should have been done the first time with no explanation and as though I have time or desire to go get more bloodwork done when I just got bloodwork done one week ago. I don't feel confident entrusting my care to Adventist, at all, and won't continue to do so.




Following up on this, it's a week after the hospital reached out to me with no response, I guess it's all for show...


Jose Martin


turned into hospitalized on my cousin's 2nd birthday purpose my coronary heart kept on hurting after which i couldn't undergo it so i told my mother its hurts a lot and then we went to my residence so my dad can include us so we went collectively the 3 of us my two sisters stayed with my sister and then while we entered they gave us the first-class carrier ever we were despatched to a room and waited for the docs to to check up on me and one of the medical doctors informed us that i am going to get handled inside the kid's ground and actually i used to be breath taken by way of how beautiful it become they took me in to the room i used to be in after which a health practitioner and a nurse told me to stand on the dimensions and i misplaced thirteen lbs and i was super glad so i clapped and the health practitioner and nurse were proud that i misplaced a few pounds after which while i used to be asleep docs saved on coming in to check up on me and i was excellent satisfied on the following day i was looking my preferred movie with my mother and father after which i used to be watching my 4th preferred disney channel show and i used to be laughing a lot it felt top to laugh after 15 hours of fearing for the worst after which i used to be questioned and 6 hours later i used to be discharged i've excessive fine things approximately the medical institution and additionally my grandmother changed into hospitalized 2x and received top notch services I quite suggest THIS health center!!!!!


Mayank Bajpai


I am grateful with this hospital they saved my dad's life from covid-19. My dad spent a month in the hospital with 80 liters of oxygen which for a full month the doctors told me that they were doing everything possible to save my dad's life but to be prepared because at any moment he could die. Thank God and the doctors and nurses they saved his life. After a month he qualified for a program that would check him at home and he was discharged until they realized that he was no longer at great risk.




And were thrilled and looking forward to giving birth to our baby here. Turns out we get stuck with no room after delivering a 10 pound babygirl very exhausted and tired ?? my husband is sleeping on a chair and it’s a tiny space no privacy. It sucks that it turned out this way. Rooms are reserved and I am very upset.


Valeria Torres