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At Veritas Plastic Surgery they are devoted to rejuvenating and enhancing your natural beauty using state-of-the-art Procedures that will result in beautiful, natural results that make you look better and feel more confident about your appearance! They Provide comPrehensive treatment planning and follow strict standards that ensure your surgery will go smoothly and Provide the results you desire.

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9 Reviews

Rude office staff. The lady at reception made inappropriate comments to a patient about how she finds the doctor attractive. I was ridiculed and insulted by the doctor I saw. Then he tried to sell me on a costly physical therapy web service that is not covered by insurance. They also billed my insurance for occupational therapy that I did not receive! My rheumatologist recommended another practice near Jack London Square and I wish I had listened to her instead of trying this practice.


Ashley Graham


A sincerest THANK YOU for your lack of support, untimeliness in getting back in touch with me, and most especially for your gracious disservice to disabled veterans in the Bay Area.


Emily L Brady


Dr. Honsik really cares about me and my recovery, and the staff are exceedingly kind and helpful.


Emma Rudié


I saw two doctors at CSOI - Dr. Mann for a fractured tibia and Dr. Eppley for an ACL surgery. In fact when I told people I was having ACL surgery, the first question asked by several people was whether I was seeing Dr. Eppley. I found my experience with both doctors, including the PAs who work with Dr. Eppley, to be pleasant and professional. My surgery went really well and my recovery has been progressing very nicely. I would highly recommend CSOI.


Jo Ann Carter


While my actual in-office visit was good, the follow up was absurd. No call back on next steps. I called, left multiple voicemails. Is anyone ever answering the phones here? When someone actually called me back, they were rude! Anyway, 6 months after my appointment, after I finally got in touch with a human they said I need to come into the office to discuss my MRI in person. So no information to be shared, and my knee is in serious pain. Will not be following up with them. Will take my business to an office that actually cares about their patients.


Julia C


I needed a knee support for my mum and picked it up from this location. The staff was friendly and my mums doctor recommended place. The wait was more than a week for pick up. now she walks with ease.


lorena moreno


Being an octogenarian, I was concerned that a knee injury I sustained from collision with a large dog might require surgery. To my relief, Dr. Ken Honsik was able to see me very soon, and after a careful and thorough examination (including ultrasound and x-ray) assured me that my right knee was in fact OK, except for a ligament contusion, and would recover within a couple of weeks. Dr. Honsik was very professional, informative and pleasant to talk with. I couldn't have been more pleased. Both the staff and the physician were excellent.


Mark Wimbush


Worst service ever.


Shubhra Ganguly


I called to make an initial appointment and when I FINALLY got through to a person, the guy who answered the phone was just rude and unhelpful. Sounds like they are too busy to care for people. No thanks. I’ll go elsewhere.


Tanya Spanier