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Unique Accounting is not your average CPA firm. We are creative, innovative and driven by a passion for our client

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Aaron Abelson


The results of working with Geoffrey at Unique Accounting has been beyond my expectations. He is trustworthy and professional. Geoffrey is always responsive and does what he promises. I look forward to be a long term client.


Annette Wellinghoff


I'm so glad that I met Geoffrey Geever! He handled my business tax issues like a champ and even helped me get my business licence. His tax advice was very reassuring. A pleasantly comfortable experience! Not only do I recommend Unique Accounting, but I will continue to use them in the future. Thanks Geoffrey!


Anthony Purro


Geoffrey at Unique Accounting has helped me with my business and personal taxes for the last two years and made the whole process painless. I even had him do my wife's taxes this year. I highly recommend!


Ben Anderson


Unique Accounting has provided a great service for our company. Jeff is highly professional, prompt to respond and always willing to answer questions to the fullest. I highly recommend his service.


Betty Suarez


In searching the I.r.s. website for assistance in preparing my 2014 taxes all roads lead to Geoffrey Geever and his Unique Accounting Firm. It was the best of times, not the worst of times working with Unique Accounting, my situation is unique and complex at best, so far Mr. Geever & Company has performed above and beyond all expectations.


Bill Greenwood


I went to Geoffrey for help with a tricky business tax situation, for a return not filed with them. Really knowledgeable and customer oriented! All of my concerns and questions were answered either the first day or the following day via email, for questions that required further research. My entire experience has been great! I would highly recommend Geoffrey for anyone or any business with tax questions or concerns.


Boyan Athanassov


When you first start a business it is easy to feel that your back is against the wall. Your hopes of everyone encouraging you and having the same belief in your business as you do quickly fades as everywhere you turn someone asks you for More money. This was the first experience in the journey where I felt I had a teammate coming to my corner rather than someone selling me something. Finally an honest man that understands your situation and offers to help you as much as he can now, but not if its going to cost more money to me as a business owner than its worth. As my company grows I will 100% stay with the people that have helped me in the past, in a word its called loyalty, which to me means more than any amount of money. Check out Unique Accounting for someone that is in the fight With you.


Brian Butz


I just bought a business in Las Vegas with the assistance of Geoffrey Geever and the Unique Accounting Team. I interviewed three accounting firms and during my one hour free consultation with Geoffrey and Jason Bradley, we formulated my strategy to acquire Master Automotive Centers (Rancho Location). I hired Geoffrey and Team to assist me with my due diligence to provide me with a business evaluation. Geoffrey and Team provided me with good communication on the project and a very useful business evaluation to justify the purchase of my business. I would recommend Geoffrey Geever and Unique accounting to all those seeking professional accounting services.


Ciro Vic Coppola


Unique Accounting made this years tax season stress free. Although they are no longer local to my area, that didn't make a difference since everything can be done over the phone and email. Jason was knowledgeable and helpful. Would recommend.


Cole Kilstrom